Right Risk

It all lines up with your selection.

You want to choose the lesser of the risk that you deduct from your learning and experience.

If your intuitive is speaking to you ‘not a good idea’, and you start to question yourself, perhaps that inner red flag is warning you that you have not developed the skills or the resilience to take on the mountain in from of you that is moving, fluid and steady on its course.

Are you steady to stand up to it even with fear?

You may have to move forward into that and prevail against your internal encouragement to stand down and you will have to live with your choice(s).

If you stand down, you may not have the brave moment to transcend the learning that comes from experience.
It is called a ‘rite of passage’. The safety culture will rest on standards, rules and regulations, sometimes nature is not on that team, doesn’t play by those rules and has its own game. The defensive position is a strong argument, and the offensive sometimes is the creative stroke.

Regardless, the best path forward is the spiritual internal conscious making peace with the reality of risk, which is the real world. The unfolding tragedy you are about to engage by volition.

Choose Well.


Posted: December 17, 2021

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