Stage 1 Awareness Level Course – Rescue Water Craft Course

This Stage 1 course is designed to cover awareness of Rescue Water Craft use and application. It is classroom specific and covers operational standards, warnings, techniques and physical applications of operation a RWC. This course includes instructor lecture, video review, and presentations of the basic boating knowledge, safety concerns and program management needs. This course is a discovery phase for implementing a Marine Unit.

Course Identification and Certification Number: K38-OWRWC C-1-19

1 day, 8 hour course

*Pre-requisite applies. NASBLA or Equivalent Basic Boating Certificate

Course Fee: $365.00 USD

*All course fees are set for a minimum of 6 students per course to host, if the minimum is not met the course will be cancelled, postponed or the full fee will be applied. Water conditions for training are dependent on weather, site location and seasonal environment.