Maintaining current K38 certification for qualification of operations must be done prior are right after the expiration date issue on the Stage of Training and the Course Reference Number listed on your certificate.

Lapsed certifications that are 60 days past their expiration date will be required to retake the course at normal course registration fees.

Students can maintain their qualification by retaking the original course at a re-certification rate, or by taking a higher stage of training if one is available.

1. K38 encourages all students to continue their professional development through continued education.

2. K38 students records are kept for a period of 3 years and no longer.

3. K38 student certification does not qualify them for instructor level training, it is for operational use only.

To apply for re=certification please fill out the inquiry form RECERTIFY INQUIRY and you will be sent a request form to fill out and return for validity of past course compliance.

After your student identification number is approved you will be sent the necessary documents to proceed.