We Are Partners in the Maritime Community K38 founded Personal Water Craft training in 1989, and began military training in 1996. We are a maritime heritage company and are partners with leading boating organizations that endorse and manage occupational training.

Our goal?

Revolutionize lifesaving and train professional coxswains and crew, to lead innovation, standards and modern practices.


K38’s legacy is a thirty-nine year direct industry connection in 2019. Working with our boating safety partners; Kawasaki®, Yamaha® and BRP® which goes further back to our humble beginning in 1979, as a first generation operator by founder Shawn Alladio, the industry leading subject matter expert (SME). Her knowledge base coupled with certified NSBC and NASBLA instructors have made K38 the authority on Personal Water Craft worldwide. Our foundation lies in the value of partnerships; our clients are our proof; we train the world’s elite operators.

Military Heritage

In 1993, K38 began to assist in the develpment of the USCG Advanced Rescue Swimmers Rescue Water Craft program. Currently called the Advanced Helicopter Rescue School; 22 years later we continue to train the USCG STAN Team Instructors. In 1996, K38 created a military training program from a special lifesaving request from the USMC. Soon after other military divisions began to use Personal Water Craft and K38 was soon traveling to other commands to assist in their program development and Coxswain qualifications. K38 is the creator of MRV (Marine Reconnaissance Vehicle courtesy of USMC MARSOC) design, and production for Project Jackal, along with training packages with twenty-two years of frontline experience from mission profiles, to safety and equipment support. As awareness of these boats increased beyond lifesaving, solutions were sought and K38 has been there every design phase leading SME support. In 2008 K38 supported the USMC Recon community in developing their safety MRV’s. In 2011 K38 developed and built custom Marine Reconnaissance Vessels (MRV) and are the creative behind Project Stingray for the Norwegian Jaeger Kommandos.

Night Qualifications

K38 created and is the standard designer for Night Qualification training, we are the sole source provider for this type of operational need.

Never Quit Challenge

Our signature Never Quit Challenges promote our Jet Ski® Program for long distance hardship trainings and adventures.

We dedicate a significant amount of our business working with combat wounded veterans; Blue Star, Silver Star and Gold Star Families and public agency safety personnel. We have an excellent support staff of committed and knowledgeable operators.


K38 has been a National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) partner and instructor since 1998 to date. We have enjoyed training for the State of California service provider for the Division of Boating and Waterways, and P.O.S.T. Police Officer Standard of Training. Our international K38 Affiliates operate under the same guidelines and rules, per their country of origin. In 1998, K38 created big wave surfing Personal Water Craft training for event management and for tow surfing and provides professional safety services at big wave locations worldwide.

K38 has received top honors for the highest awards in the boating safety and law enforcement community, and is inducted into 2 boating Hall of Fames. In 2016, K38 was awarded the prestigious Hollister Award from the Western States Boating Law Administrators, we have received awards from the following:

  • National Association of State Boating Law Administrators
  • National Safe Boating Council
  • National Water Safety Congress
  • Western States Boating Administrators Association
  • California Association of Harbor Masters and Port Captains
  • Military Divisions


K38 continues to lead from the front. We have outreach into 32 countries and have over 37,000 collection hours of training time in the USA and abroad! We appreciate our clients and are proud of the heritage our students carry forward.

  • Founded Rescue Water Craft Association
  • Wake of Fame Awards
  • Combat Wounded & First Responder Jet Ski Program
  • The History of Jet Skis
  • The History of Rescue Water Craft
  • PWC Registry Program
  • Mentorship Program
  • Junior Boating Program
  • Lucky 38 Race Club
  • Never Quit Challenge


Open Enrollment courses for public participation are limited to a select few courses annually. K38 trains agencies for professional development for their Marine Unitl Coxswains and Crew. To request information on behalf of your department, agency or command please review the following:

  1.  Agency Representative Contact Information
  2.  Agency Name
  3.  Type of Waterway
  4.  Amount of Personnel to be trained
  5.  Continuing education or program development
  6.  Potential dates for training request
  7.  Type of current agency Water Craft (RWC) Make, Model and Year of Production
  8.  Current level(s) of expertise of participants (Beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  9.  Current Certifications of boating safety education per team member (if applicable)
  10.  Note Additional Needs
  11.  Course payment may be made via PayPal, credit card or check

Upon review and understanding of client need, a quote or verification will be sent back. Be concise and fill out all applicable forms fields for processing.

Pre-Requisite to all our courses:

Basic Boater Education - NASBLA approved online course on your own time applies to all course formats below. We will send you’re the course information for fulfillment. Approximately 4 hrs.

K38 Course Stage Formats:

  • Awareness
  • Basic
  • Introduction
  • Operational

K38 Professional Services

K38 offers services for a variety of instructional needs for qualification, and provides support for the film and movie industry and aquatic events.