K38 coxswains are permitted to use the K38 logo as a representation of their certification. Your organization or your business is required to follow and adhere to the restrictions and guidelines presented below. K38 protects and defends its copyright/trademark intellectual properties (IP).

If you are in need of a K38 logo for a specific project please contact us for details and information for release of use.

Photos, digital media, memes, videos or giphs for use or redistribution please inquiry for terms and conditions of copyright.

User is responsible for the safety of these items applied to any use.


  • Displayed at place of employment or at business location or on other items, be sure you are not violating any rules or policies from your employment when doing so.
  • Displayed on personal equipment such as vessels, containers or cases and vehicles or trailers is permissible if you have received the appropriate agency permission to do so.
  • K38 logo is permitted to be used on agency or company Website domain, stationary, announcements, articles, E-newsletters or banners for reference of training course completion.
  • If K38 branded flags are used please be respectful of the flag and country of origin rules.

Please contact for further permissions and restrictions.


People enjoy collecting and sharing patches. You may have received one from an instructor, course or purchased one. You may use the patches given to you with the exception of public safety agency personnel policies. Please do not add our brand to your PPE without written writing from your command.

  • Be mindful not to damage the garment if you are adding them to clothing or gear; or to add to a garment that would void the warranty or terms of condition and use. Please read the garment warning labels and recommendations and abide by their requirements.
  • We do not recommend embroidered patches to be added to sensitive safety equipment such as a lifejacket by sewing or iron on methods.
    Please use a removable Velcro backing patch so not to damage the buoyancy or constructive materials of the Personal Flotation Device (PFD).


  • K38 logos or copyright/trademarks cannot be placed on company product without a written Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the representative organization or business and K38.
  • Be mindful of conflict of interest with your agency or employer. If you are not sure what this means please contact K38.
  • Cannot be used to suggest or imply endorsements of products, merchandise, products sales or other programs.
  • K38 copyright/ trademark or logos cannot be altered in color, wording or design.
  • K38 copyright/ trademark or Logos cannot be reprinted, reproduced or placed for sale on merchandise or products.

If you are not sure what this means or have a request, please contact us.

Updated: January 1, 2020