Stage 2 Management Level


This Stage 2 course is designed to provide a basic level for Rescue Water Craft operations. This course includes Stage 1, instructor lecture, video review, and presentations. This is a basic boater and familiarization course for 6 vital safety underway skillsets. Students will be evaluated on criterion operational skills. Students in this course will be participating as role players during skillsets.

Students will be proficient with the standard skills sets. This program offers a baseline standard of training for entry level operations. Safety Plan is in effect with all training modules

Open Water Course
Course Identification and Certification Number: #K38-RWC-212-2

2 day, 16 hour course

*Pre-requisite applies: NASBLA or Equivalent Basic Boating Certificate

*All course fees are set for a minimum of 6 students per course to host, if the minimum is not met the course will be cancelled, postponed or the full fee will be applied. Water conditions for training are dependent on weather, site location and seasonal environment.

This course is open to public safety agency personnel who use Rescue Water Craft for water safety, SAR or general duties; such as law enforcement, fire rescue, lifeguard, volunteer services of the general qualifying public.

Stage 2 - Level II - Management
Course ID: #K38-RWC-212-2
Hours: 16
Course Fee: $730.00 USD
Certificate stream of operations of the participant principles, standards and risks as applied to the course modules, goals and tasks. The second level of student development. The second level of instructor development. Focus includes the practical basic workplace safety, simple response protocols. Content applying risk management, task analysis, situational awareness, planning, hazard awareness and avoidance and personal survival in Low to Moderate risk zones.
Certificate Title: Certificate of Understanding
a) Operating in Low Risk Level 1 to Moderate Risk Level Environments. (Orange)
b) With Level 2 mandates assessment and tasks.