K38 has an esteemed pedigree of recognition and awards. These awards represent an entire community and service towards building and guiding the culture of the Rescue Water Craft use and program security.

In 2011 Shawn Alladio was inducted into the prestigious National Safe Boating Council Hall of Fame

• 1996 Certificate of Appreciation, Lake Perris Recreation Area -Safe Boating Day, May 4
• 1997 Certification of Appreciation, Lake Perris Recreation Area-Safe Boating day May 10
• 1997 California Boating Safety Officers Association Certification of Appreciation, Los Angeles Port
• 1997 Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center Appreciation for
participation on the Water and Lakes Committee regarding Law and Fire personnel, November 20
• 1997 National Safe Boating Council – First ever 'Partnership Award'
• 1998 United States Marine Corps 'Raiders Appreciation Award' from Raid Division, NAB during Desert Storm
Awards Program

• 1998 International Surf Association (ISA) Recognition Certificate-February 14-16
• 1998 California Department of Boating and Waterways AQUASMART program
• 1998 Department of Boating and Waterways PWC course recognition certificate October
• 1999 National Water Safety Congress – 'National Award'
• 1989-1999 Certificate of Appreciation awarded in recognition of Exemplary Commitment and Outstanding
Support in PWC Safety and Enforcement training courses of the Department of Boating and Waterways
• 2005 National Water Safety Congress – 'Regional Award'
• 2005 Higgins and Langley Memorial Award for Flood and Swiftwater Rescue – 'Commendation Medal' for work
conducted in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans LA
• 2006 International Jet Sports Boating Association – Inaugural 'Hall of Fame' Inductee

Shawn Alladio was one of 25 Inaugural Inductees into the International Jet Sports Boating Association in 2006

• 2006 Institutio de Socorros a Nauticos, Muricia Spain – Appreciation Award
• 2007 K38 International Award – PWC Rescue Summit, Fregene, Rome, Italy
• 2007 Diraccao Gerald a Autoridade Maritima, Portugal – Appreciation Award
• 2008 Z okazji 90-lecia LMiR. Prezes Ligi Morskiel I Rzecnznej. Gdanks, 16 Listopada, Poland
• 2009 'PWC Community Award for Valor'
• 2009 'Warrior Award' from PWCoffshore.com
• 2009 Orange County Fire Authority Certificate of Heroism 'Chiefs Award'
• 2009 National Water Safety Congress Regional Award

• 2009 Certificate of Heroism, City of Mission Viejo, California, Frank Ury-Mayor
• 2009 American Watercraft Association and Parade of Nations – 'Safety Award'
• 2009 PWCOffshore Warrior Award, July 11th ‘Strength and Honor’
• 2009 USCG Auxiliary Certificate of Appreciate, District 5
• 2010 Adirondack Jet ski club AWA/AC northeast PWC Rally
• 2010 2nd Annual Asian Beach Games in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, Water Safety Director Certificate
• 2010 United Warrior Survivor Foundation-K38 with sincere gratitude and appreciation for supporting
Special Operations Survivors through United Warrior Survivor Foundation. September 11, 2010 Annual
Survivors Conference, San Diego CA
• 2011 National Safe Boating Council induction into the Boating Safety Hall of Fame
• 2012 Alpha Company 4-160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) Mission Training certificate
• 2012 Norwegian Jaeger Kommandos-‘Project Stingray’ Award plaque

• 2013 Never Quit Challenge, September 11, Helmet, award plaque and paddle
• 2013 City of New York, NY NQC Certificate of Recognition, Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor, September 11th
• 2014 USN-Naval Special Warfare-1st Phase BUDs Instructors-Paddle, May
• 2014 USMC 1st Expeditionary Unit Camp Pendleton, CA ‘Your dedication to the Marines of 1st Radio
• 2015 USMC (AVJB) Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch Appreciation Award
• 2016 A.N.S.L.A. Resgate-O solvamento comeca em terra Jr. Lifeguard Program
• 2016 Western States Boating Administrators Association – Hollister Award Recipient
• 2016 USMC MARSOC MRV Paddle for Project Jackal, military development program
• 2017 California Association of Harbor Masters and Port Captains-Distinguished Service Award for flood
recovery working conducted during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas
• 2018 Plyniemy Polsko event support award, Poland
• 2019 Portuguese Maritime Authority, Portugal. Comando Geral Da Policia Maritima Award
• 2019 Escola da Autoridade Maritima-Portuguese Authority School Award
• 2019 USMC Basic Reconnaissance, EWTGPAC Appreciation Paddle