Stage 3 Instructor Level


K38 is the standard for evidence-based training for Rescue Water Craft worldwide and is the Gold Standard.

K38 training meets and exceeds association standards and provides the highest level of program security from 40 years of experience as first generation program designers.

Our interest is to train Professional Boaters who understand and abide by the rules, regulations and standards of our Maritime community.
Create a Boating Safety Culture

This Level 3 Instructor course is designed for a public safety agency boating representative working within the United States to provide a Stage 3 (3 day, 24-hour) Rescue Water Craft Training course for department personnel.

This adult education course gives insight and proficiency into the responsibilities and legal concerns of a boating safety instructor and their prospective student cadre to teach a k38 Stage 3 course.

Build Staff Skills
Meet your department internal training credential compliance and ensure the safety of your personnel and equipment efficiency.

RWC Instructor Level 5
This course emphasizes the ability to teach a basic Rescue Water Craft boating course.

This course prepares trainers to be able to provide a Stage 3 course for their agency.

Trainers will be able to provide course operational fundamentals, standards, vessel and PPE inspections and Coxswain duty of care and student skills assessment for the opportunity to qualify as a RWC Coxswain.

Topics include standards and presentation skills, policies and procedures, communication, Rescue Water Craft nomenclature, student engagement.

Assessing and monitoring the student candidate and evaluating skills under audit of performance for possible qualification.

This is a 40-hour, 5-day training program for instructor candidates. Total instructorship training hours: 85

Course Information

οƒ˜ Three-year Instructor certification Program
οƒ˜ Instructor Guide
οƒ˜ Instructor Kit
οƒ˜ Modern Lesson Plans
οƒ˜ E-Learning Courses
οƒ˜ Training Program Support Forum

οƒ˜ Agency Letter of Approval to Attend course
οƒ˜ Possess a current K38 Stage 5 Training Course qualification within the past 3 years
οƒ˜ Application for the Trainer program completed
οƒ˜ Minimum Age: 24
οƒ˜ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
οƒ˜ Comfortable swimming in a full PPE Kit
οƒ˜ 5 years of power boating and agency experience
οƒ˜ Instructor experience from a Recognized Institution
οƒ˜ Physical and Mental fitness to operate a Rescue Water Craft
οƒ˜ Basic First Aid and CPR certification (Or higher)
οƒ˜ Possess a High School Diploma or possess a GED certificate
οƒ˜ Wear the agency department required apparel during the training course classroom training
οƒ˜ Possess a valid Driver’s License

οƒ˜ Full Body Thermal protection (wetsuit/dry suit)
οƒ˜ Full finger water gloves
οƒ˜ Water Helmet
οƒ˜ Hard sole water boots
οƒ˜ Water Whistle
οƒ˜ Lifejacket Type V: Buoyancy rating of 15.5 lbs. to 22 lbs. (No inflatable PFD’s)

There are five phases of course enrollment. First is the applicant and interview process. Once accepted to the course, payment is processed and the entrant begins the process of Instructor development through digital media, online correspondence and classroom attendance course completion.

1. Application
2. Interview
3. Program Requirement Fulfilment Completed
4. Payment Received
5. Course Confirmation Records Process Begins
6. Training Course Planning

Please note: registration does NOT confirm qualification. Instructor Student Candidates will be scrutinized and assessed for performance adherence to the standards and skills presented to them. They must pass all phases of instruction successfully.

Once successful completion is secured, they will be entered into the instructor trainer database and their records will be maintained for a period of two years.

Upon successful completion the qualified instructor will possess boating instruction skills for competency to fulfill a calm waters training program for Stage 3, 24-hour Rescue Water Craft training course.

Phase One
a. Stage 1
Presentation on Standards, Coxswain Overview and course requirements. Managing the classroom presentation and reviews. Legal concerns, delivery of course content, behavioral training, course competency of student retention

Phase Two
b. Stage 2
Presentation on Equipment Review and RWC Operational Fundamentals (On-Water skills). Managing the inspection checklists and Coxswain balance points and slow speed handling.

Phase Three
c. Stage 3
Presentation on On-Water Boating underway skills.
Managing the safety of underway skill assignments during on-water training for professional development of department personnel. Asses and evaluate training candidate risk, competency and safety during training modules for evaluation audit of qualification.

Phase Four
d. Training Program Management
β€’ Maintenance of Records
β€’ Webinar updates
β€’ Program Requirements for Participants
β€’ Certificate Requirements
β€’ Follow up guidance and course management needs

Upon successful course completion the qualified Stage 3 Instructor will be able to successfully manage the following:
οƒΌ Identify risk behaviors and actions
οƒΌ Implement standards
οƒΌ Apply fundamental basic operations
οƒΌ Instruct student cadre
οƒΌ Record student progress and certification

1. Student Candidate Course Participation Forms
2. Learning Objectives
3. Course Multi-Media
4. Quiz & Evaluations
5. On-Water Skills Performance drills
6. Task Analysis
7. After Action Report (AAR)
8. Accident Reporting
9. Policies and Procedures of operation: Rescue Water Craft Standards

Full registration fee is due and payable prior to the start of the course and is non-refundable.

This instructorship program is for boating safety professionals who are assigned to a marine unit by their public safety agency within the USA. The training is based on K38 and industry boating safety standards.

The training builds on course principles and assists the prospective instructor to expand their ability to educate, assess risk, evaluate and assess the prospective student cadre with a standardized training program and materials.

Schedule of Hours
Five-day training program covering 40 hours of instruction.
β€’ Day 1: 8:00am to 4:00pm (Class)
β€’ Day 2: 8:00am to 4:00pm (Class)
β€’ Day 3: 8:00am to 4:00pm (60% Class, 40% on-water)
β€’ Day 4: 8:00am to 4:00pm (30% Preparation, 70% On-water)
β€’ Day 5: 8:00am to 4:00pm (30% Preparation, 70% On-water)

Cancellation Policy
Approved Registrations are non-refundable. They may be transferable to another agency representative or to another program at a later date within one calendar year. If you do not attend, you are responsible for the full program fee.

Program Availability
Registration is limited and is processed on a first-come, first served basis of approved candidates. Interview of prospective candidates is conducted to ensure the course pre-requisites are fulfilled.

Recertification is available every 2 years.

Course Participant Failure
If an instructor student candidate fails the instructor training course, they may retake it within one year with a %50 percent fee reduction of the normal course registration fee.

Please Note
Recording devices are prohibited during training. Course content materials will be supplied upon successful completion for course management.

Students will receive video of their training performance for review.

Unless noted, lunch and parking fees are not included. Candidates are responsible for their own travel and lodging, PPE and additional gear.

Qualified Stage 3 Instructors must fill out all program materials and in case of an accident fill out a boating accident report in their area of operation; filed with the appropriate authorities within 24 hours.


Meets or exceeds the following recognized standards:
οƒΌ K38 - Rescue Water Craft Association RWCA – RWC Standards
οƒΌ ANSI/NASBLA 103-2016/ESP TR 103-2018
οƒΌ ISO 19011-2018, 31000-2018
οƒΌ NFPA 1670 - Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents
οƒΌ NFPA 1006 - Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications

For course inquiries and pricing please contact us and we will send you an application form.
Updated: 2.25.2020