Guide: 2021 RWC Models


Every year we announce the new RWC models used for professional boaters based of the manufacturers production models.

Occupational boaters use a seat capacity of 3 persons.

Note the only time this would be altered would be in a catastrophic natural disaster where resources were not available to preserve life.

Rescue Water Craft are manufactured by 3 main companies:

  1. Kawasaki – Jet Ski®

     2. Yamaha – WaveRunner®

     3. BRP – Sea Doo®

These are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Personal Water Craft (PWC).

For the purpose of occupational – Rescue/Patrol boating they are referred to as ‘Rescue Water Craft or RWC.

There are also private companies that are making Rescue Water Craft:

1. Aluma Watercrafts, AlumaSki® based in Alaska, USA
2. RescueRunner® by SafeAtSea-SAR systems based in Sweden

All Rescue Water Craft Coxswains are to be properly vetted, trained, assessed and subsequently certified upon successful scrutiny.

You can download the 2021 PDF Here: 

You can download the 2020 PDF here: 

Occupationally we do not encourage the use of Supercharged units for safety reasons for our own use. Thank you for your understanding.

The Yamaha WaveRunner EX series of watercraft were not added to the list due to their low weight limit for stability loading survivors,. But you will decide what you want to use and how you will attach your Rescue Boards (Towable Aquaplane Devices).

Its getting more challenging isn’t it?

This is not a complete reference, please inspect the manufacture sites and study the specifications. You can source all this on your own but I hope this helps guide you in the direction you are seeking.

We wish you all the best this year!  Thank you for your understanding.