Night Qualifications

Night Qualifications
K38 created and is the standard designer for Night Qualification training, we are the sole source provider for this type of operational need. We have been night qualifying personnel since 1993 to date.

Night Operations Rescue Water Craft training is an awareness and operational level course element that is attached to a Stage 4 or Stage 5 Training Course. It is an additional program of training.

This course assists public safety agencies pr qualified volunteers who are called at near sunset or during night and will be responding in harbors, open water or areas that are not going to be considered extreme risks.

Night operation training can also be an asset for natural or catastrophic disasters where flooding is present.

Night Qualification is dependent upon a two-boat deployment system and navigational aids. This training element supports disaster and flood training for specific environmental factors.


Night Qualification Level 1 - #K38-RWC-NO-208-1

Night Qualification Level 2 - #K38-RWC-NO-209-2

Agency approval to attend for public safety agency personnel.

This course is open to public safety agency personnel who use Rescue Water Craft for water safety, SAR or general duties; such as law enforcement, fire rescue, lifeguard, volunteer services of the general qualifying public.

Military clients may have an additional level of expertise associated with their training elements.

Minimum Age: 18 years of age

*All course fees are set for a minimum of 6 students per course to host, if the minimum is not met the course will be cancelled, postponed or the full fee will be applied. Water conditions for training are dependent on weather, site location and seasonal environment.