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Content Creator - Shawn Alladio cares most about her community and the culture surrounding the safety of event service providers and Rescue Water Craft operators, working hard and dedicated towards protecting their reputation, distributing safety information and continuing to train these amazing individuals to the highest standards of care.

2018 International Rescue Water Craft Day


The International Rescue Water Craft Day is an international day of observance to commemorate qualified Rescue Water Craft operators, crews, volunteers and teams.

The Rescue Water Craft Association (RWCA) established the inaugural International Rescue Water Craft Day on June 21st, 2017 and will be celebrated each subsequent year on the anniversary date.

Jet Pump

Rescue Water Craft Day


The promotion of the day symbolizes the dedication, service and commitment towards boating safety and lifesaving. RWCA is the lead agency coordinated events worldwide.

In 2017 the following nations observed the inaugural event by sharing awareness about RWC/PWC boating safety: USA, Poland, Chile, Australia, Canada and Japan.

Event Anniversary Date: June 21st

International Rescue Water Craft Day Motto:
International Rescue Water Craft Day Theme 2018: ‘Because We Care’

Hashtags: #IRWCD #RWCA #RescueWaterCraftDay #BecauseWeCare

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RWC Lifesavers


The International Rescue Water Craft Day is observed around the world each year on June 21st. Established in 2017 by the Rescue Water Craft Association, IRWCD provides a shared day recognizing the commitment to boating safety and to contribute to the Rescue Water Craft community a culture of safety and best practices.


Ways to participate:

1. Post up your Rescue Water Craft Team Photos or Videos. Represent professionalism and standardization, use #IRWCD hashtags
2. Share RWCA IRWCD theme posts to social media outlets
3. Take a Rescue Water Craft boating safety course
4. Make a commitment to representing Rescue Water Craft standards both in practice and operations
5. Make a video representing your commitment to IRWCD and boating safety, post on June 21st





Today’s stage was one of the longest of the Plyniemy Polsko Rajd and the final on the water. Teams and the K38 Poland safety group departed south from Szczecin.

Szczecin is a city on the Oder River in northwest Poland. It’s known for its 19th-century Wały Chrobrego, or Chobry Embankment, and the renovated Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, now a cultural center. The vast St. James Cathedral has a 14th-century triptych, stained-glass windows and a tower with city views. Nearby is the Gothic Old Town Hall, hosting The National Museum’s exhibitions on Szczecin’s history and culture.

Płyniemy Polsko Coffee Break Before Launching


Their final destination was Wroclaw on May 4, 2018.

This stage of the Rally had a lot of turns and bends from the river. By land it is a 5 hour drive covering 378 km. Sometimes the Rally is faster on water!

Wrocław is a city on the Oder River in western Poland. It’s known for its Market Square, lined with elegant townhouses and featuring a modern fountain. Also on the square is the Gothic Old Town Hall, with its large astronomical clock. Nearby is the Panorama of Racławice, a painting depicting the 1794 battle for independence.

K38 Poland Provides Water Safety During the Rally


There were a few navigational challenges due to splits in the river, several team riders had to correct their heading which cost them some fuel and time. That is part of the challenge of fatigue and time underway.
The water was very calm and the weather was favorable during this final stage of the rally.

Przepłyneliśmy Polskę.
Jakub Friedenberger i Mateusz Orzoł represented K38 Poland both switching positions from Rescue Water Craft operator to vehicle chase driver.

Było to możliwe dzięki wsparciu LG Polska oraz SANTI Diving. Jesteśmy wdzięczni.
It was possible with the support of LG Polska and SANTI Diving. We are grateful.

Uwaga! Wyniki, jakie uzyskały team' y na odcinku Szczecin- Głogów:
1 msce- Quady Śrem
2 msce- Ambrozja Team
3 msce- Moto H2O Rybnik
4 msce- Malgrab Team
5 msce- DEK Głogów
Serdecznie gratulujemy wszystkim uczestnikom!

Plyniemy Polsko Facebook

Tomorrow is the closing ceremonies of the Plyniemy Polsko in Rybnik, Poland. It has been a wonderful experience for not only the charities involved but the race teams and the safety provided by K38 Poland.

This has been an outstanding experience for K38 Poland and the participants. These type of on-water adventures have so many issues to surmount. The planning stages are significant. The mobility of Personal Water Craft and support vehicles is a big challenge as the PWC's often arrive ahead of the vehicles.

If a PWC goes down in a remote area, the teams face a puzzle to connect and make necessary repairs to stay in the Rally. Its man, machine and land and water with the elements.

The 2018 Plyniemy Polsko created memories for everyone involved and raised awareness for their charities.
The next stop is the Closing ceremonies in Rybnik, everyone is on the road heading to the location, see you there!

K38 Poland Website

Jakub Friedenberger i Mateusz Orzoł

Heroes of the 2018 Plyniemy Polsko


Sebastian and Ola are the heroes of the Płyniemy Polsko Rally.

The Plyniemy Polsko is patterned off the famous road race the Paris to Dakar. Only the Rally in Poland runs up the famous Vistula River, to the Baltic Sea and back down to the center of the nation on Personal Water Craft.

Płyniemy Polsko


Ten teams have joined to Rally to raise funds and awareness for children’s charitable causes for the Special Olympics, cerebral palsy and Autism.

On April 29th., Ola and Sebastian who represent the mascots of the charity focus rode a BRP Sea Doo Spark northward on the Vistual River at the starting point in Krakow.

They drove onward through Warsaw, Wcloclawek Gydnia and today the Rally starts in Szczecin on the Oder River. The Teams will continue until the end point in Rybink.

Heroes of the Rally


Although the Rally is also a race as well as a charity event, for Sebastian and Ola it is about personal dreams and achievement.

The Rally will be working to provide the funds for special diving equipment for people who are mentally and physically challenged to bring them opportunities to explore and become a reality of their own design.

They are fantastic representatives of the Special Olympics - Olimpiady Specjalne Śląskie

You can become a supporter by visting:
Special Olympics Facebook

K38 Poland Website


Plyniemy Polsko

The Plyniemy Polsko is a benefit Charity Rally that navigates through Poland from the Rivers to the Baltic Sea, having Connected Riders is a big part of the safety of the event.

The Plyniemy Polsko is fielded by ten teams of Personal Water Craft operators who are raising awareness for children’s charitable organizations.

The event is a week-long challenge with various stops at historical ports and waterfronts. This is an incredible project undertaken by the teams and a host of venerable sponsors.

Connected Boat is a significant part of the assurance of safety for this event.
Connected Boat

Connected Boat


Gdynia to Darlowo
Each day is considered a Stage. Each day that passes fatigue, water and weather conditions and vessel fatigue can occur. Whenever long distance adventures are undertaken safety is the cornerstone of the success for the entrants and the image of the event.
The organizers spent countless hours preparing and ensuring that each team would be well prepared for the arduous journey.
Connected Boat is a GPS tracking device that is stored onboard the craft and the land chase vehicles. The GPS signal can be viewed in real time at a special landing page for the Rally.

Another great aspect of Connected Boat is that it gives viewers an update on the battery life along with the speed and location, the vessel direction is also given. Alerts can also be notified regarding the status of the vessel itself. It has a great feature for connectivity through social media.

Contestant Jacek Biskupek was running a great pace on his Sea Doo Spark and he had a technical issue with the craft, so he pulled up on the beach in Choczewo.

K38 Poland’s Yamaha Rescue Water Craft was pulling up the rear and stopped to check on Jacek.

You can see from the Connected Boat event page the tracklines, and the actual time of the stop and precise location. Jacek decided to wait for his support vehicle to arrive so he could make the necessary repairs and K38 Poland finished the final leg by water.

While all the Rally riders made it safe to port in Darwolo, Jacek had help on the way. It was challenging to get to Jacek’s remote location as there were no waterfront road access and the sand was restrictive.

His support vehicle made several attempts to get closer to his location on the beach. What is great about Connected Boat is that we could watch anywhere in the world to see the locations of the chase vehicles and the Personal Water Craft.

Connected Boat has a great profile page for each craft or vehicle. The APP also tracks the speed and exact GPS location in a timely fashion and records a trackline that is easy to read.

His support vehicle actually landed and they sorted everything out with plenty of daylight left to get back to the group and get some rest for the next leg of the Rally.

Beach Assist


Fortunately for Jacek he is pretty handy with repairs and tore into the pump on the beach. A local tractor helped to move the Spark and everything was sorted.

The best part of this experience is that I am in America and I was able to watch on the Connected Boat event page and I could see how fast they were working out solutions from the time the Spark went down, to the time Jacek and his teammate made it back to the hotel for the night!

Our company K38 is a close group of water safety professionals. We are represented around the world and we work on a variety of waterways.

Safety is our business. As the founder of K38, its great to have the Connected Boat connection because I can track K38 Poland’s progress and the event safety from my laptop computer thousands of miles away. It’s a great evaluation tool for me to be able to track the capability of our team.

k38 Poland checks on Jacek on the beach

Darlowo to Kolobrzeg to Szczecin

The Rally participants get an early start out of Darowlo. Tomasz Kasprzak has been a front runner on the Rally since the first stage. Two of the chase vehicles moved ahead to the final stop in Szczecin because its often faster to travel by water than land.

Unfortunatley half way to Kolobrzeg Tomasz landed on the beach in Mielno. I of course am sitting in California watching this on Connected Boat. The overlay of Google maps gives great updates on roads and locations so I can easily track on Connected Boat the exact town or city they are in.

What I can tell from my laptop at this time is that Tomasz has his Personal Water Craft out of the water and he has landed in small town where he has access to support.

Great things happen when you stay connected! Safety is not a word, it is an action and an investment. We are thankful for devices that track our safety, help us find people when things go wrong and bring us home safe.
Follow K38 Poland

Additionally on the computer you can see the entire route of the route at the link:

K38 Poland
Content Creator - Shawn Alladio cares most about her community and the culture surrounding the safety of event service providers and Rescue Water Craft operators, working hard and dedicated towards protecting their reputation, distributing safety information and continuing to train these amazing individuals to the highest standards of care.

Safe on the shore

2018 K38 Europe Meeting

K38 Europe Meeting

This year the Rescue Water Craft K38 Europe Meeting will be held in Mechelinki 26-27 May, 2018 and is hosted by K38 Poland.

Below, I present the content of our workshop organization. The Bay of Gdansk in Poland is very interesting, difficult, with dangerous places, wrecks, Islands and beautiful places and charming ports and scoped. It's here for the participants we've prepared a variety of challenges in this area such as patrol, navigation, indicative, search patterns.

The K38 Europe Workshop events will start at Morska Baza Szkoleniowa Mechelinki. Wypożyczalnia Kajaków. It begins right after the afternoon at the place where the conference on duty ends! Gdynia 2018.

The first day is part lecture based upon; team presentation, hydro, hydrology, navigation, map, GPS, checking units.

K38 Poland operating since 2015


The second day will be conducted with water assignments. These will be dealt with by participants in up in gulf waters.

At the end of the workshop, discussion at the end of the adventure will take place for a debriefing.

• Teams double on their own Rescue Water Craft with platform;
• Fuel will be filled in its own range
• Route is planned so that it is possible to refuel, each crew must own its own fuel containers. 20 l fuel (transported by technical team operating workshop)
• Participants are non-commercial operators and are required to comply with standard standards in particular with regard to safety in this PPE
• Cost of participation is £ 500 per person, payable by 10 May
We already have a few declaration of participation from Poland as well as from abroad. Sounds like an interesting meeting and international work on water. See you soon!

K38 Europe Meeting - Mechelinki 26-27 Maja 2018
MIli Państwo

Poniżej przedstawiam akwen naszych warsztatowych zmagań. Zatoka Gdańska, to akwen niezmiernie ciekawy, trudny, z niebezpiecznymi miejscami, wrakami, wyspami, pięknymi miejscami i urokliwymi portami i przystaniami. To tutaj dla uczestników przygotowaliśmy zadania patrolowe, nawigacyjne, orientacyjne, poszukiwawcze.

Warsztat zaczynamy w Morska Baza Szkoleniowa Mechelinki. Wypożyczalnia Kajaków. po południu w miejscu gdzie kończy się konferencja On Duty! Gdynia 2018. Pierwszy dzień, to część wykładowa (prezentacja team'ów, hydrografia, hydrologia, nawigacja, mapa, gps, checking jednostek).

Drugi dzień, to zadania na wodzie. Konkretów nie zdradzam. Będą to zadania rozwiązywane przez uczestników na bierząco na wodach Zatoki.

Po zakończonym warsztacie omówienie przy grillu.
• team dwuosobowy ze swoim własnym skuterem z platformą
• paliwo tankowane we własnym zakresie - trasę zaplanowaliśmy tak aby była możliwość tankowania, każda ekipa musi posiadać swój kanister min. 20l paliwa ( transportowany przez team techniczny obsługujący warsztat)
• uczestnicy są operatorami K38 i obowiązani są przestrzegania standardów K38 zwłaszcza w zakresie bezpieczeństwa w tym PPE
• koszt uczestnictwa, to 500 zł od osoby, płatne do 10 maja

Mamy już kilka deklaracja uczestnictwa z Polski jak i z zagranicy (Włochy, Norwegia, wstępnie Wielka Brytania). Zapowiada się ciekawe spotkanie i międzynarodowa praca na wodzie.

Content Creator - Shawn Alladio cares most about her community and the culture surrounding the safety of event service providers and Rescue Water Craft operators, working hard and dedicated towards protecting their reputation, distributing safety information and continuing to train these amazing individuals to the highest standards of care.



Stage 2 of the Plyniemy Polsko has be completed on 4.30.2018

The second stage of Plyniemy Polsko is now behind us. This stage was definitely less demanding compared to first stage and definitely faster.

Tomorrow we go to Gdynia, Poland. We are entering water with a completely different water conditions and characteristics.
Each Stage of the Plyneimy Polsko offers distinct water changes during the rally. Calmer waters allow us to travel faster and are much easier on the operators and the equipment.

We have arrived!

Zacumowaliśmy w Przystań nad Wisłą we Włocławk

Each Stage of the Plyneimy Polsko offers distinct water changes during the rally. Calmer waters allow us to travel faster and are much easier on the operators and the equipment.

Drugi etap za nami. Zdecydowanie mniej wymagający w porównaniu z pierwszym i zdecydowanie szybszy.
Jutro płyniemy do Gdynia. Zatem wpływamy na wody o słonym smaku i zupełnie innej charakterystyce.

Zacumowaliśmy w Przystań nad Wisłą we Włocławku.

Taking a break from a long ride today


My tymczasem zmuszeni byliśmy w trybie ekspresowym odwiedzić serwis MOTO-KOM Yamaha. Profesjonalna i szybka obsługa postawiła nasz sprzęt na nogi. Wielkie dzięki.

Podziękowania również dla WOPR Płock za szybką akcję telefoniczną, kontakt i zorganizowanie serwisu.
Dzięki Wam jesteśmy na trasie!!! Płyniemy Polsko dalej!
Meanwhile, we were forced to visit MOTO-KOM Yamaha. Professional and quick service by the company ensured that our equipiment was ready to go for the Plyniemy Polsko. Thanks a lot to their outstanding support.

Thanks also to WOPR Płock for a quick phone call, contact and organisation.

Thanks to you we are on tour!!! Płyniemy Polsko go!

Dzisiaj wspiera nas Ochotnicza Straż Pożarna - Ratownictwo Wodne, którzy w swoim gronie mają licencjonowanych operatorów K38.

Norbert Wysocki i Maciek Krok zabezpieczają cześć trasy rajdu Płyniemy Polsko. Wielkie dzięki za pomoc i wsparcie!!!

Today we are supported by Ochotnicza Straż Pożarna-Ratownictwo Wodne who have licensed operators of K38. Norbert Wysocki who is a k38 Qualified Rescue Boat Operator and Maciek step securing honoring the tour of Płyniemy Polsko. Big thanks for your help and support!!!

The start of the Rally began on the Vistula River by the Baltic Sea. Personal Water Craft operators navigated the river and returned to the city of Oder. The rally has 10 double teams participating.

On Staurday April 28 in Ustron, the safety presentation and orientation was completed.

The teams began the rally on April 29 (Sunday) from Krakow at 9:00am.

The Vistula river is the longest on in Poland. Event organizers decided they would start their campaign in Ustron and the teams would commence this arduous campaign. Kornel Pajak is the main coordinator of the project from the Yacht Club Rybnik.

Content Creator - Shawn Alladio cares most about her community and the culture surrounding the safety of event service providers and Rescue Water Craft operators, working hard and dedicated towards protecting their reputation, distributing safety information and continuing to train these amazing individuals to the highest standards of care.



K38 Poland Update: The first episode of the rally is now behind us.

One word: Humility.

This is the word that comes to mind about today. It was a long and difficult stage.

Pierwszy odcinek za nami.
Pokora. To jest to słowo, które przychodzi mi na myśl o dzisiejszym, długim i trudnym etapie. Wisła uczy, Wisła nie wybacza błędów, Wisła wymaga. Zmęczeni ale zadowoleni przygotowujemy się do jutrzejszej trasy do Włocławka.

Wisła teaches, wisła does not forgive mistakes, wisła requires. Tired but happy we are preparing for tomorrow's route to Popieluszko during the first stage of the PLYNIEMY POLSKO.

Have you been following us? Here is a link for you:

track us

Rajd Płyniemy Polsko właśnie wystartował! Pod tym linkiem możecie śledzić naszą pozycję 24 godziny na dobę.

Płyniemy razem z track us

K38 Poland

K38 Poland


Thanks to this small, a device you will be able to follow our position and track the route. You'll find details tomorrow at 0900. And we can participate in the Płyniemy Polsko rally thanks to LG Polska and SANTI Diving.

Nasze przygotowania do rajdu Płyniemy Polsko mają się ku końcowi. Dzisiaj od firmy SANTI Diving, która nas wspiera, odebraliśmy suche skafandry i buty, dzięki którym zabezpieczenie będzie zdecydowanie bardziej komfortowe.

Our preparations for the Płyniemy Polsko rally are coming to an end. Today from SANTI Diving, which supports us, we have picked up dry suits and shoes to make the security more comfortable.

Connected Boat Tracking Device

K38 Poland on the Rally

Day Before the Start

Płyniemy Polsko
The next edition of the charity event called “Let’s Cruise Poland’ will begin in Ustron, Poland.
This fundraiser is to raise money to help in the rehabilitation of physically challenged children.
The Rally moves around Poland.

Here we come Poland! 900 miles are now behind us. This time on four wheels. Our Jeep did a good job. We're preparing the equipment for tomorrow, and we're doing a quick rest. I'll see you on the water tomorrow.

Jakub Friedenberger is a K38 Instructor and providing Rescue Water Craft safety coverage for the Rally. He is professional rescuer in his native Poland and is instrumental with K38 Poland in providing water safety training for Rescue Water Craft Professionals.





En nuestros cursos de K38, se utilizan estándares probados por más de 25 años, por eso preparamos a profesionales de la operación de rescate de motos de agua.

No te pierdas el próximo curso en Tenerife los días 4, 5 y 6 de Mayo, curso Nivel 1,2,3. en 3 días quedarás preparado bajo los estándares de la organización de mayor prestigio a nivel mundial.

K38 Canary Islands provides educational Rescue Water Craft courses for occupational users such as fire rescue or lifeguards.

No te pierdas el próximo curso en Tenerife los días 4, 5 y 6 de Mayo, curso Nivel 1,2,3. en 3 días quedarás preparado bajo los estándares de la organización de mayor prestigio a nivel mundial.

We are committed to helping our clients modernize their programs. We provide intensive training programs from Stage 1 through 5.
Our first three stages are the cornerstone of our standardization and best practices.

K38 Training Programs Support Professional Actions


In our K38 Canary Island courses we employ Rescue Water Craft standards that were created years ago when the company back in 1989. The Rescue Water Craft standards were created over time from review of critical assessments of operational behaviors and embracing and redefining the positive attributes for training others.

Our goals are simple and true, we aim to help prepare professionals for the Jet Rescue Operation in the Canary Islands.

Certification is a way to protect your reputation, your equipment and to save your own life when an incident becomes demanding.

Do not miss the next course in Tenerife on 4, 5 and 6th of May, 2018.

The training course levels presented are Stages 1,2,3 covering 3 days of instruction.

You will be prepared and trained under the standards of the highest level of operations worldwide.

We shall see you soon!


Del 4 al 6 de Mayo estaremos realizando el curso K38 Rescue Water Craft Nivel 1,2,3 en S/C de Tenerife - Canarias.

Si quieres más info, enviar email a

Curso dirigido para Operadores de Motos de agua de organizaciones de Rescate, socorristas, bomberos, deportistas y personas que quieran aprender a operar una Moto de agua bajo los mejores estándares a nivel Mundial.

K38 Chile Hosts Stage 3 Course in May

K38 Chile Hosts a Stage 3 RWC Course

K38 Chile is proud to announce a Rescue Water Craft Stage 3 Open Water Course on May 4, 5 and 6thm, 2018 in Iquique, Chile.

K38 Chile is hosting the training course which is 3 days of training or what we refer to as a Stage 3 training program.  This training is for recreational use or for the professional development for a Rescue Water Craft operator.


ATENTO NORTE de CHILE, Curso K38 Operador RWC Nivel 1,2,3 a desarrollarse en IQUIQUE.

Más info en K38 Chile Website

Lo desarrollaremos los días 4, 5 y 6 de Mayo en IQUIQUE, donde enseñaremos los estándares de operación con Moto de agua de K38 Chile.

Si eres operador recreativo o de rescate, esta es tu oportunidad de vivir la experiencia de poder adquirir los conocimientos para una operación Profesional de Moto de agua.

K38 Chile Instructor Gonzalo Sepulveda


A la fecha ya llevamos 3 cursos de K38 Chile Operador RWC Nivel 3, han sido alumnos de Argentina y Chile, quienes se han entrenado con nosotros.

Cada grupo tiene la obligación de ponerse un nombre y con este se quedan para siempre, es así como tenemos los siguientes Grupos de Nuevos operadores:

Este nivel tiene una duración de 1 día completo, donde realizamos los check list de embarcaciones y tablas de rescate, y luego nos vamos al agua a desarrollar habilidades de operación más avanzadas, todas en relentí (lento), para después pasar a realizar practica de técnicas de rescate de victima consciente, inconsciente, utilizando rescatista, con 1, 2,3 victimas, etc.. constantemente se van cambiando los roles de los alumnos, todos serán operadores, rescatistas y victimas.

En todo momento los instructores estarán observando todos los movimientos de los alumnos, para realizar correcciones y discusiones de mejoras.

Para realizar el Nivel 3, es necesario haber aprobado una prueba escrita a primera hora del día y que el instructor de el visto bueno para que el alumno realice el Nivel 3, de acuerdo a lo observado durante todo el día


Este curso es Nivel 3, para lo cual se requieren 3 días de entrenamiento, debes contar con licencia nautica para operar este tipo de embarcaciones.

Attentive North of Chile, course k38 operator level 1,2,3 to develop in iquique.