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The Plyniemy Polsko is a benefit Charity Rally that navigates through Poland from the Rivers to the Baltic Sea, having Connected Riders is a big part of the safety of the event.

The Plyniemy Polsko is fielded by ten teams of Personal Water Craft operators who are raising awareness for children’s charitable organizations.

The event is a week-long challenge with various stops at historical ports and waterfronts. This is an incredible project undertaken by the teams and a host of venerable sponsors.

Connected Boat is a significant part of the assurance of safety for this event.
Connected Boat

Connected Boat


Gdynia to Darlowo
Each day is considered a Stage. Each day that passes fatigue, water and weather conditions and vessel fatigue can occur. Whenever long distance adventures are undertaken safety is the cornerstone of the success for the entrants and the image of the event.
The organizers spent countless hours preparing and ensuring that each team would be well prepared for the arduous journey.
Connected Boat is a GPS tracking device that is stored onboard the craft and the land chase vehicles. The GPS signal can be viewed in real time at a special landing page for the Rally.

Another great aspect of Connected Boat is that it gives viewers an update on the battery life along with the speed and location, the vessel direction is also given. Alerts can also be notified regarding the status of the vessel itself. It has a great feature for connectivity through social media.

Contestant Jacek Biskupek was running a great pace on his Sea Doo Spark and he had a technical issue with the craft, so he pulled up on the beach in Choczewo.

K38 Poland’s Yamaha Rescue Water Craft was pulling up the rear and stopped to check on Jacek.

You can see from the Connected Boat event page the tracklines, and the actual time of the stop and precise location. Jacek decided to wait for his support vehicle to arrive so he could make the necessary repairs and K38 Poland finished the final leg by water.

While all the Rally riders made it safe to port in Darwolo, Jacek had help on the way. It was challenging to get to Jacek’s remote location as there were no waterfront road access and the sand was restrictive.

His support vehicle made several attempts to get closer to his location on the beach. What is great about Connected Boat is that we could watch anywhere in the world to see the locations of the chase vehicles and the Personal Water Craft.

Connected Boat has a great profile page for each craft or vehicle. The APP also tracks the speed and exact GPS location in a timely fashion and records a trackline that is easy to read.

His support vehicle actually landed and they sorted everything out with plenty of daylight left to get back to the group and get some rest for the next leg of the Rally.

Beach Assist


Fortunately for Jacek he is pretty handy with repairs and tore into the pump on the beach. A local tractor helped to move the Spark and everything was sorted.

The best part of this experience is that I am in America and I was able to watch on the Connected Boat event page and I could see how fast they were working out solutions from the time the Spark went down, to the time Jacek and his teammate made it back to the hotel for the night!

Our company K38 is a close group of water safety professionals. We are represented around the world and we work on a variety of waterways.

Safety is our business. As the founder of K38, its great to have the Connected Boat connection because I can track K38 Poland’s progress and the event safety from my laptop computer thousands of miles away. It’s a great evaluation tool for me to be able to track the capability of our team.

k38 Poland checks on Jacek on the beach

Darlowo to Kolobrzeg to Szczecin

The Rally participants get an early start out of Darowlo. Tomasz Kasprzak has been a front runner on the Rally since the first stage. Two of the chase vehicles moved ahead to the final stop in Szczecin because its often faster to travel by water than land.

Unfortunatley half way to Kolobrzeg Tomasz landed on the beach in Mielno. I of course am sitting in California watching this on Connected Boat. The overlay of Google maps gives great updates on roads and locations so I can easily track on Connected Boat the exact town or city they are in.

What I can tell from my laptop at this time is that Tomasz has his Personal Water Craft out of the water and he has landed in small town where he has access to support.

Great things happen when you stay connected! Safety is not a word, it is an action and an investment. We are thankful for devices that track our safety, help us find people when things go wrong and bring us home safe.
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Additionally on the computer you can see the entire route of the route at the link:

K38 Poland
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