You can fake it till you break it.

Then you have to fix it.

Did you set aside a budget incentive for future damages or loss?

If not, do it now!


We do not learn from lessons learned.

We continually repeat the same behaviors that got us into trouble to start with.

Its not hard to ignore the warning signs, signals and to generally evade.

In fact is may actually be a part of our humanity.. therefore even more important to pay attention and be worried if you are too comfortable.

Go back in recent and distant time and look at the program hurdles.

Are they back on the track right now and do you need to conduct some clearing?


Yeah, its a pain in the ass to review.

Yeah, its time.

Yeah, its not sexy and there is not action that feeds our need...yeah. YUP!

But do it, just go and do it. Do it now.

Achieve success by denying the lessons learned but ignored.

If you budget means anything to you, respect what is happening with the program and manage it.

Get your gloves on and go to work!

Only good things lie ahead!


Posted 1.19.2019

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