How you observe the equipment in your care, persons, water and weather is your agreement with purpose and efficiency. It is a commitment.

Will you fulfill your purpose successfully in these actions?

Will you deny efficiency or lend permission to flow or disaster?

The state of how you decide to put your equipment and team into motion is a direct relationship to value.

This value has associated risks. We do enjoy labeling them and issuing codes and associated numbers. To reduce these risks, training, conversation and corrections are required, if not demanded.

How is this liability enforced;
by accident review?
by annual inspections?

Changing phases of implementation is a determination of your mindset, how you think, what you know or what you do not know, what you incorporate and what you reject.

Then the resulting behaviors engage arrive. Are they fortuitous or a train wreck? And were you the person who was driving that train?

How far have you worked on developing or accepting your intuition? What is your knowledge level on physical attributes? How much have you studied regarding atmospheric pressures and their resulting influences? What do you know regarding the flux of water and the qualities of speed?

The most important question is your equipment. As I have observed in training hundreds of agencies, the relationship of gear and safety has not always been thorough enough. It’s usually good enough to get by until a breakdown occurs, and they always do.

Rescue Water Craft aka power craft require a tremendous amount of select attention with an hourly schedule that correlates to the ‘book’. AKA the owner’s/shop manuals.

96% of my clients do not even have the proper tools and supplies required to be reliant. It’s a failure and it continues due to associations, assigned program leaders and human entanglements. We need strong men and women to break this distracted cycle.
Will you be one of them to risk it?

It’s like a bad inheritance of damaged DNA that creates an incomplete process of optimal functions.
This will result into the collapse, it’s a signature of our community that is protected far more than it is rejected.
The failure to reach out to persons who are subject matter experts, rather than self-appointed gurus who don’t have 100 oil changes under their gloves, is a telling point of failure. It’s a distraction of time, endurance and utility.

Be sure you don’t frame out your road map to end up in a dead end with the water rising and the equipment has stopped running.

Get into the books.

Remember, you are on your own, act like it. Think about that for a while.

Ask me how I know?


Posted: January 1, 2022

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