Day Two Complete

Stage 2 is complete! We have made it to WLOCTAWEK

What a day! There were a lot of vessel problems today. It's tough to get competitors and boats off the water because our stage distances are so spread apart, that their chase teams have to be very creative and organized, and they are.

Our K38 Poland staff is essentially the secret of our safety and success! They travel with us to ensure we have everything we need at each stop.

Z艂apani na trasie rajdu P艂yniemy Polsko.
To nasza tajemnicza ekipa techniczno - fotograficzna. Wielkie dzi臋ki za po艣wi臋cony czas. Bez Was nie pop艂yn臋liby艣my zbyt daleko.

First Alert Marine Compact Fire Extinguisher 5-B:C

First Alert Marine Compact Fire Extinguisher 5-B:C


Preparations this morning were to ensure all our safety equipment and gear was secure on the Yamaha WaveRunner-Rescue Water Craft. This is a long day and we are responsible to manage the safety for all the race boats in the rally. This is a tough job to do with the distances and logistics we all have to cover. But we love it!

艢luzowanie. To ju偶 prawie meta drugiego etapu P艂yniemy Polsko. Chwila przed startem do drugiego etapu P艂yniemy Polsko z Warszawy do P艂ocka.

During Stage 2 we had to navigate through the Wisla River, and a series of locks to change the elevation as we continued on the rally. You can see how deep the lock can get, its quite an experience. Made for larger vessels we can get alot of Personal Water Craft in here all at once!

Check out all the sponsors and supporters for 2019! We appreciate you.

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Sleep well, for soon we face the new day and its challenges. Thank you to all the athletes and sponsors of this event.

Spotkanie z fantastycznym cz艂owiekiem, motorowodniakiem, skuterowcem, uczestnikiem i zwyci臋zc膮 drugiej edycji rajdu P艂yniemy Polsko, S艂awkiem Rozwadowskim. W pi臋knych okoliczno艣ciach miejsca i przyrody przedyskutowali艣my temat bezpiecze艅stwa uczestnik贸w kolejnej edycji rajdu P艂yniemy Polsko, do kt贸rej intensywnie si臋 przygotowujemy. Rozpocz臋cie ju偶 27 kwietnia.

P艂yniemy Polsko jest to kluczowa akcja organizowana przez klub motorowodny Moto H2O Rybnik. Dwie edycje, kt贸re odby艂y si臋 w 2017 oraz 2018 roku pozwoli艂y na zakup sprz臋tu do nurkowania i przeprowadzenie zaj臋膰 dla dzieci z autyzmem i pora偶eniem m贸zgowym. Edycja organizowana w maju przez sekcj臋 Moto H2O polega艂a na op艂yni臋ciu Polski na skuterach wodnych. Podczas ca艂ej akcji mia艂o miejsce wiele event贸w w miastach w ca艂ym kraju.Ca艂o艣膰 akcji zakoczy艂a si臋 sukcesem.

Edycja organizowana na prze艂omie sierpnia i wrze艣nia przez Ocean H2O polega艂a na op艂yni臋ciu wyspy Spitsbegen, znajduj膮cej si臋 na dalekiej p贸艂nocy na Oceanie Arktycznym. Dziesi臋cioosobowa za艂oga podczas szesnastu dni zmaga艂a si臋 z pr膮dami morskimi i lodem. Uda艂o im si臋 osi膮gn膮膰 cel, co wi臋cej jako jedna z nielicznych za艂贸g dokona艂a tego p艂yn膮膰 pod pr膮d.

Rok 2019 bije wszelkie rekordy. Akcja nabra艂a tempa a do udzia艂u zg艂osi艂o ponad 40 zawodnik贸w! Zapraszamy do wzi臋cia udzia艂u w projekcie oraz 艣ledzenia ca艂ej trasy!

Zach臋camy do polubienia naszej strony FB @plyniemypolsko, instagrama oraz pobrania aplikacji mobilnej, w kt贸rej mo偶na by膰 na bierz膮co z zawodnikami!

We sail in Poland is a key action organized by the Moto H2O Rybnik motorboat club. Two editions that took place in 2017 and 2018 allowed the purchase of diving equipment and classes for children with autism and cerebral palsy. The edition organized in May by the Moto H2O section consisted of circumnavigation of Poland on jet skis. During the whole event there were many events in cities around the country. The action was successful. The edition organized at the turn of August and September by Ocean H2O consisted of circumnavigation of the island of Spitsbegen, located in the far north in the Arctic Ocean. The ten-person crew struggled with sea currents and ice during sixteen days. They managed to achieve the goal, and what's more, as one of the few crews, it went against the current.

The year 2019 beats all records. The action has gained momentum and more than 40 competitors have entered the competition!

We invite you to take part in the project and to follow the entire route!

Feel free to like our FB @plyniemyPolsko site, instagrama and download the mobile application in which you can be up to date with the players!

2019 Polyniemy Polsko Facebook Page

K38 Poland Facebook Page

Tracking: Connected Boat tracking page

Name: plyniemy@pp2019.pl
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Posted: 4.29.2019

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