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To be effective the selection process of a Rescue Water Craft program is designed for success. If its not it will fail on every action in the field. You will notice the videos presented as clues. They will crop the recovery and they will block out the ending which tells the story of mishaps.

In selecting the requisite and competent personalities needed, they will need to possess the character of an individual whom can endure hardship and continue onward without regard to emotion or bias. This takes some refinement.

Trainees ‘must and should’ be placed under pressure enough to simulate the unknown future response. These calls will never be duplicated in training, they will be placed in a controlled environment, slowly and surely to enable the attendees to grasp one step at a time the reality.

These attendees or candidates will have to wrestle in their mind the values and relationships of the following:
1. The team limitations
2. Equipment being used
3. Environmental and Atmospheric conditions
4. Physical and mental fitness
5. The unknown situation, the most difficult survivor and multiple victims.

It requires to shock a person in and during training on levels in behavioral forward advancements as independent individuals working on a team with multi tasking functions. And under extreme duress. This is a rescue in harms way, otherwise it’s a simple assist.

People will crack in effective training, they will fail. They have the opportunity in short windows to make corrections. If they do not possess the proper fortitude, or reasoning, they must be removed. There should only be victims responding to, not bringing to the scene.

Mindset is the relationship of the Body and its bio mechanic, and its related to the causations on demand.
If we as educators do not prepare and carefully execute purposeful training, and audit the candidates honestly and ethically, we all sink.

Candidates should consider it a privilege to be on a team. They should consider their qualification a privilege based off their merits. They should honor their training and instructors. This is how we create an effective network of qualified and competent professionals.

Or not.

Do not be afraid to fail. Be afraid when you refuse to succeed. If you are not tested under the most severe conditions, methods and standards, you have not been trained properly. You will not be able to aid any person in distress. You will be distracted by a false sense of security. Your failed rescue will shock you. That is not the way to learn.

This work is a calling, it is not a paycheck or a pension. Its in your soul, placed in you at the moment of your creation, it upwells like a spring coming to the surface and flows freely outward. You know who you are, not what you want to be. Nobody can pretend with this.

The uniform does not make you that person, it reminds you of a sacred trust. There are not many servants, there are many pretenders.

Here is what you can do:
Train every day.
Train your mind every day.
Be ready for the call.

Posted: August 9, 2021

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