You can save now but you sure will pay later!

When an agency representative says they cannot afford training or the right equipment, they need to shut their program down and reevaluate their present reality.

It's time to get honest and shoot straight from the hip.

There is no way to cry about not having a program functional.

But you can close a program that is not functional and will cause damage, such as a mishap.


The Black Hole of wrong is an excuse.

What do I mean by that? If you have equipment you cannot maintain financially, you don't have a program.

If you cannot afford to pay for training that will stop an accident from occurring, prevent the injury or death of personnel, you better have a good insurance policy and be ready to ruin reptuation.

You can pay up front and do it right.

Or you can pay with silent ignorance that is going to ruin everything the program justified on paper but could not produce.


If you decide by committee rule to close a program down, you have my respect.
If you decide by committee rule to discover opportunities to manage your program and restructure it, you have my respect.

Don't go ahead blindly. Break it down!

1. Equipment costs
2. PPE costs
3. Training Costs per member
4. Maintenance costs
5. Accident investigation costs
6. Injury costs
7. Replacement costs
8. Recurring training costs
9. Dispose of equipment costs
10. Administration costs
11. Annual evaluation costs of program
12. Mission deployment costs and loss
12. What else did we miss?

Your program is no different than how we run a business. If we open up the door and cut costs, something will go away for that decision. Which of the 12 items are you willing to remove?

Okay.. what will you get in exchange for that removal?

Don't forget to add in the storage fees you would pay for gear, buildings are not cheap. Add electricity, fuel and vehicles and trailers.

Don't forget tires, maintenance and checkups.

Keep going... you are starting to get the picture!

Save now or pay later... having a maritime boat unit is costly.

It is NOT a tool in the toolbox! Stop saying that crap~ It's a marine unit with many pieces that are interwoven for it to be provided. Its hundreds of tools united in one forward motion.


Posted 1.19.2019

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