Maximize the Wrong to protect Safety and the Community

You expose the wrong in your program by focusing on it and identifying all that can create damage. It may be time for inspection if your department experienced a recent mishap.

Maximize the wrong in your training or instructor presentations to protect the safety, reputation and outcome of water rescue response. If you fail to do this you will endorse failure, and that his high associated costs.

Expose damage, have courage to discuss it and take criticism, be brave! Do not endorse lies, fight to defend with honesty and integrity results.

None of us should be learning from mistakes, we should be training to prevent them.

The best advice I have for those willing to learn is to ‘LISTEN”. This is where you’re learning power engages or is dismissed for refusal.

If you really love your job and your colleagues there is no way you could tolerate allowing them to be less than best, set to fail, set to be harmed or killed, damage their reputation and department image.


What the heck is wrong with people when they allow that? Plenty is wrong. Be willing to give attention to conflict. Don’t be willing to allow you or your colleagues to fall down and fail. Prevention is not a word, it’s a lot of hard effort.

Even when people block the road, there is still a way forward. Take a moral inventory of your team.

If you want to increase efficiency to improve, you will discover you are very wrong about something.

This will be painful to recognize and fix it. Research what you don’t like the most, look for the recognition of error in your program or personal behaviors underway.


The devaluation is that you must also research what you listen to! You have to put time into it and research, test, question and review.

 Evaluate your instructors
 Does something seem to be wrong?
 Use your imagination in the pros and cons

When you come to terms with the negatives you can spend more time away from dysfunction in your program and more time in efficient actions.

The multiplicity of complications is what we so easily call a ‘chain reaction’. Make sure it’s a creative strategy interpreted by the mission and vision of Rescue Water Craft operations and not a status quo.

Interpret the wrong to increase the right.

Aim high on your program efficiency.

Someday it’s going to mean everything.

Posted: July 14, 2019

Content Creator of Rescue Water Craft and Personal Water Craft boating international education standards: Shawn Alladio is the world’s foremost authority and leading subject matter expert. She cares most about her community and the culture surrounding the safety of event service providers and Rescue Water Craft operators, working hard and dedicated towards protecting their reputation, distributing safety information and continuing to train these amazing individuals to the highest standards of care.


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