Paleo Treats Saved My Life

I had a day of giving outward that depleted my energy level. I wanted to go home. I tossed back and forth whether I should drive or not. I look at my watch. I put in the trip plan on google maps and evaluated the traffic flow. I could still make it in reasonable cognitive strength.

This meant I was evaluating my reflex for driving, if I would be safe for others. I made the decision to go.

Earlier this day I had brought my friend Leona Retzer to Paleo Treats. I wanted her to experience pure rewards. I explained to her what Paleo Treats were after she asked what it meant. Pure food, rich, raw energy, and chocolate. That is the grounding force for me.

I work hard. Rewarding my efforts is simple, food is a luxury of gratitude. I live in a Country where everything is possible, therefor I chose Paleo Treats, and today it was a bag of Banditos.

Off Leona and I went to meet up and celebrate Christmas with our friends, we needed this. We were merry. We laughed, we appreciated and we gave towards one another. We have the spirit.

I knew my bag of Banditos would be waiting for me. It was like a hidden secret I didn’t want to share because I wanted that rebate on the drive home.

I bid farewell to my friends. I buckled my seat belt and entered the lanes of the 5 Freeway in San Diego and I was off. Looking forward to being home with my children.


Nik Hawks, photo by David Pu'u

When I got to Agua Hedionda lagoon I began to feel my body relaxing a bit too much. I was halfway home. The first yawn hit. I knew I was in trouble. I reached for my Paleo Treats bag and pulled out my dear friend, my little Bandito who was waiting for my drowsy audience.

I met this little Bandito because of one of my students, who is the energy hoon of PT, Nik Hawks. A person of intrigue, wonder and damn good podcasts. His wife is a bigger improvement of him and together they blast the universe with truly good spiritual sh*t that makes me happy and the make the worlds' greatest cookies.

Check out Nik's podcast #60 here: Nik Hawks Podcast

I said to myself out loud ‘you are going to save my life tonight’. I slowly began to take action.

I knew that by staying engaged with thought and purpose I would beat the monster of fatigue through phsyical actions of engaging alertness. First it was the wrapper, second it was taste and flesh responding in a cascade of delight. And that is what happened.

I peeled back the packaging and slowly one little tiny indiscriminate morsel at a time, I let my tongue cast itself into the purity of a god like nibble. But with particular denials so I could lavish a long term resolution of not falling asleep.

And then it began. My resurrection was cresting an incredible high of delicious.

Another 40 minutes passed. I was alert, happy, singing and hitting the last nugget of my Paleo Treat. It was a glorious melt of a rich blend of tasteful decadence, as I would call it anyway. I think I have the world record for the slowest Paleo Treat ever eaten. That took serious discipline!

I was 5 minutes from home as my Alexa belted out the countdown. I looked at the empty cup on my precarious lap with a hundred folded creases on its perimeter and it had the residue of the anchored foot of what was once a Paleo Treat Bandito.

I began to lick the vacant cup. It wasn’t going well for me. I tried to scrape it with my teeth, there was nothing left.

I turned off the freeway thinking about how this Paleo Treat saved my life this very night. I believe it to be true. I was not distracted, I did not tire and I know if I did not have this slow meticulous engagement I could have very well drifted away at the wheel or had to pullover and sleep on some lonely parkway.

I am a lifesaver and I know this business well. I can recognize what actions need to be taken to avoid tragedy, and I did, but I had a tasty partner help me.

This is where it all began: Paleo Treats go ahead and save a life, buy a PT and believe.


Posted 12.22.2018

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