We Lead or We Follow

Or we get out of the way....


Can you educate them?
Can you make suggestions for them?
Can you supply data to them?
Will the EGO BLOCK stop progress?

Yes, it’s detrimental to society, the taxpayer, the team and the department.

These people who are bad leaders need to go away. They cannot lead. And most likely they will not go away until an incident comes under upper management scrutiny, or an investigation or third party audit.

That is if the auditor has courage to say what needs to be said. Not just checking the boxes down a list.

Now lets take a look at ourselves. We don't want to cast the first stone till we have courage about ourselves.

Not to success but failure. How do we fail and how do we hold ourselves accountable for our actions? Do we wait for somebody
else to carry our burden for us while we step gingerly ahead? Honestly, that's not right, but it sure is difficult to master this.

We possess our own unique roadblocks, our shortcomings and defaults. Its hard to turn them around. Its harder to understand where they came from, the genesis and how deeply embedded they are within our mind. Can we change? Or do we expect others to change for us so we can say we did something?

Protect yourself in all ways with a bad leader. They will not encourage your learn but to never learn. Make sure you are not a bad follower or a worse leader, always look back at yourself to wrestle the matter true.

Bad leaders and followers hang together as a protective cover. They will not share with you knowledge so you can meet them on a level playing field. They will not encourage you to evaluate and audit your success. They want you not to progress.

But you need to know that you are not that person first.
And that what you do is not for yourself but for others.
You must learn the way of a servant.
And smote your ego into a place of submission, or you will become a tyrant.

Consider an option. Why not change direction and head towards the unique 5% of personalities who serve without regard for recompense, not looking for a photo opportunity or to pad the paywall.

Try it, you may aspire to something that is not bitter, but better.


Posted: April 8, 2021

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