Katie and Mike Pierson Burn Recovery Support Request

Surviving Fire Injuries

Katie Pierson and her husband Mike need our help financially as well as our spiritual support. They are in the fight of their lives suffering a catastrophic explosion and horrific burns. I got the call today from Mel, we both had dejavu moments over the weekend about Katie.

Katie worked for Rescue 3 International for many years and cares deeply about doing the right thing. She was a gauntlet of right on behalf of RQ3 instructors and I have deep respect for her and the company. She was recently working for CALFire/LSI and her husband has a Motoshop, working hard on building his business.

Katie, Mel and Hiroshi-san at the WaterRescueCon

If you can take a few minutes of your time and say a heartfelt prayer on their behalf I believe your energy and care is part of the goodness we create and this is needed. I cannot discover the expression of what to say or how to present it because its too expansive a tragedy. Please help them with your strongest thoughts of goodwill. Bless you for your considerations.

Please pray for Katie Pierson

Praying for all good things to happen for them on this tremendous survival fight they are in. Please keep their daughter in your prayers. I thank you, please hold them close in all thoughts, as I am believer in our connectedness.

Please donate to their burn fund


Posted: February 25, 2021

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