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On August 14, 2020 the Gulf Lifestock 1 departed from New Zealand heading for China. The livestock ship encountered heavy seas due to Typhoon Maysak. A distress signal was sent at 1:20am in the morning on September 2, 2020, as the ship had been taking on water and soon sunk forcing the men into life rafts.
Two survivors were found and a deceased shipmate sadly was recovered. We believe there is hope of rescue of the forty remaining survivors. But we need your help!

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They are out there. They need your faith, encouragement and support and so do their families.

Please join the worlds largest Search and Rescue Mission. Get your friends involved, share the posts, engage and let’s bring the men home to their families! We can do this with your help, you can make miracles happen.

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If you are a resourceful person, share to other groups, The 40 shipmates need search and rescue members who can help this mission go viral and gain new members. The 40 needs you to share posts, ideas and follow through with leads.

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Posted: September 12, 2020

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