The Engine Serial Number is important for you to know in case you need to order replacement parts, or your Rescue Water Craft (Personal Water Craft PWC) is destroyed due to a mishap or lost due to theft.

The serial number is what the dealership will use to verify your craft and also to fulfill your warranty needs.


In the event of theft of the craft, investigating authorities will require two things from you:

1. Hull Identification Number (HIN)
2. Engine Serial Number (ESN)

In your log book write these two corresponding serials down.

Take photos of both of them and save to file.

The engine number can also be confirmed by the label on top of the engine itself.

Example: Kawasaki Ultra LX Jet Ski®


Write down your following:

1. Manufacturer of the craft
2. Model Number
3. H.I.N. Number
4. Engine Serial Number
5. Registration Number

Do this right away, don’t put it off, it will save you time in the future and allow your maintenance schedule to stay steady.

Posted: June 23, 2019

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