Dielectric grease is a special use silicone-based grease, its non-conductive.

It is used to prevent corrosion on electrical connectors and to seal out any intrusive moisture.

You do not need to use much of the grease, and usually is sold in small sized tubes.

If you haven’t been using it yet, I encourage you to purchase a tube.


Regarding the electrical current, the grease disrupts the flow which can make it good for sealing and lubricating the rubber parts that are associated with electrical connectors.

It is really good regarding high temperatures. On our Ultra LX engines, the metal components of the engine case are about 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, this heats up the interior of the engine compartment and also the condensation we experience from that heat exchange from the engine block.

This is another reason our Post Operations Inspections are vital to the health of the engine and electrical connectors.


Most dielectric grease is heat rated.

Silicone grease properties have low viscosity, so it squeezes outward with metal to metal contact making a nice coating seal.

It’s great to use on multi-pin connectors as well as the spark plugs or rubber covers.

It is best to use what the Personal Water Craft manufacturer you are operating recommends.

It can also be a skin irritant so wear the appropriate nitrile gloves and don’t touch your face while using it.

Make sure you use a marine grade Dielectric grease.

Good Luck and thank you for taking care of your Rescue Water Craft!


Posted: August 11, 2019

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