When we make a commitment to learning and mentorship, we become members of a team, this is a vital partnership of trust.

This means we acknowledge our developmental intentions and through that we process a unified mutual promise to tell the truth to one another.

The transaction between both parties is mutable; we trust one another with our lives and our reputation, we care about our team.

The promise is to serve others by our learned truths, experiences and failures. It is a bond of accountability and it is vital to trust. Its not easy to tell somebody the truth. It is equally hard to hear the truth because it has to be brought out and discussed.

Usually an uncomfortable experience. If we can endure it, we pass through the fire and are honed on our edges to continue forward. Otherwise we may be set back on our ass again and have to repeat the lessons until we surrender to the message or methods.

Yet, the message needs to be practical as well on common ground.

You cannot run away from a commitment, if you do you cannot hear the truth. If we are unable to hear truth, we suffer a reckless and negligent future. Some good advice is to face the storm and endure it.

These are the things in training and on teams that has to be based on truth, and we cannot turn away from that. The truth will still have to be dealt with.

As we progress in our commitments, we strive to become more resilient, wiser and capable and this is why we take an oath, make an agreement and sign our contract which becomes our qualification.

This is all about serving a higher order rather than our pride and ego. Its about the mutual composition between service and recipient. It is a sacred trust. This is the agreement of truth. You ask for help, you give help, we do not devalue a commitment and we do not excuse our responsibility.

When you can trust, you can tell the truth.

Remember to face the storm, there is always a surety of calm that follows. This is the rejuvenation of influence, comprehension, understanding and forgiveness.

Remember to forgive yourself (and others) and give yourself permission to succeed.

If you can figure this out and work with others through honesty, you can and will change the world.


Posted: October 6, 2020

Content Creator of Rescue Water Craft and Personal Water Craft boating international education standards: Shawn is the world’s foremost authority and leading subject matter expert. She cares most about her community and the culture surrounding the safety of event service providers and Rescue Water Craft operators, working hard and dedicated towards protecting their reputation, distributing safety information and continuing to train these amazing individuals to the highest standards of care.


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