WARES = Water Rescue Education

WARES is an ethical and altruistic movement to evolve water rescue worldwide.

WARES is a collaboration of fact-based evidence shared in the spirit of cooperation.

Sourced by those who are doing the job. This is not a strategy to train but to share crowd sourced educational and operational evidence from those who are on the water, on the boat, the survivors, and the stories of those who perished.

What went wrong, marginal or succeeded during incidents?
What Personal Protective Equipment has proven its merit? What needs to be adjusted or adopted?

WARES is the virtual proof from the results of a variety of responses from mutual aid public safety agency professionals to the volunteer or professional guide.

Every incident offers insight, wisdom and takebacks.

Many are manifest in the absolutes learned of accidents and injuries. What equipment was broke or damaged, how did it happen, was it preventable?

The results of poor behaviors and selection in the field or the quick and vetted maneuvers that proved worthy, we need to not lose these lessons, but pay close attention.


It is a contextual sourcing of global supporters who are ready to move ahead. Those stalwarts who believe in the ethos and risks entrusted to those who work the frontlines at the edge of a continent, the shore, aerial deliveries, the boat, the swimmer stroke.

We have CONversations which result in solutions, not repeated mishaps. We are not looking to reward the accident and excuse the lesson.

From those whom are at the helm. Join the movement, join the CONversation.
Hashtag #WARESed

A curated convention sourced around water rescue conversations brought to you by the minds and creators of rescue water craft safety and water rescue disciplines of a variety of educational outlets. This is our cultural world fairground for our future, our public need and for preservation of life, including our own.

WaterRescueCon is programmed for you to be a participant, it is like not like past, it is a stand-alone modern experience. Hashtag #WaterRescueCON

Faithfully yours,

Shawn Alladio & K38


Posted: April 10, 2020

Content Creator of Rescue Water Craft and Personal Water Craft boating international education standards: Shawn Alladio is the world’s foremost authority and leading subject matter expert. She cares most about her community and the culture surrounding the safety of event service providers and Rescue Water Craft operators, working hard and dedicated towards protecting their reputation, distributing safety information and continuing to train these amazing individuals to the highest standards of care.


Have any questions? Come train with us and discover what your community is doing to modernize standards, safety and reduce liability!

Caution: Visit page terms and conditions. Use at your own risk. Please take a qualified Rescue Water Craft training course and maintain proper records and respect all the PWC, RWC, PPE, and gear OEM manufacturer warning labels and cautions.