Heroes of the 2018 Plyniemy Polsko


Sebastian and Ola are the heroes of the Płyniemy Polsko Rally.

The Plyniemy Polsko is patterned off the famous road race the Paris to Dakar. Only the Rally in Poland runs up the famous Vistula River, to the Baltic Sea and back down to the center of the nation on Personal Water Craft.

Płyniemy Polsko


Ten teams have joined to Rally to raise funds and awareness for children’s charitable causes for the Special Olympics, cerebral palsy and Autism.

On April 29th., Ola and Sebastian who represent the mascots of the charity focus rode a BRP Sea Doo Spark northward on the Vistual River at the starting point in Krakow.

They drove onward through Warsaw, Wcloclawek Gydnia and today the Rally starts in Szczecin on the Oder River. The Teams will continue until the end point in Rybink.

Heroes of the Rally


Although the Rally is also a race as well as a charity event, for Sebastian and Ola it is about personal dreams and achievement.

The Rally will be working to provide the funds for special diving equipment for people who are mentally and physically challenged to bring them opportunities to explore and become a reality of their own design.

They are fantastic representatives of the Special Olympics - Olimpiady Specjalne Śląskie

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