History of the WNY PWC Challenge Coins


Craig R. Witt is the founding member of the WNY PWC club based in the Buffalo, New York area.

Back in 2017, the first recreational WNY PWC (Personal Watercraft) event began gaining traction within the PWC community.

This was due to the work that was generated from previous years local events.

These community events gained industry support through the motto ‘We Support Those Who Support Us’.


One of the outstanding supporters was Ken KGees. He had reached out from a military based PWC club, looking to support these efforts. He secured a monetary donation that was gifted to WNY PWC.


WNY PWC was inspired by this generosity and decided to “pay it back” through activities that honored a military tradition of mutable respect.

Enter Craig R. Witt. ‘As former veteran myself, I had a challenge coin in my night stand and began searching how to have these made for our PWC events’.

Ken Gees agreed with the concept and together they began working on the original design.

Each year WNY PWC carries on this tradition by having an amazing sponsor cover the cost of this highly collectible challenge coin, These WNY PWC challenge coins show the event ride logo on one side and the donating sponsors logo on the opposite side!

These challenge coins are a club and rider tradition that is carried on each year


We can’t wait to see how many coins their members will collect moving forward this outstanding tradition. They have structured some fun opportunities for their members who present their challenge coins at future events.

Stay tuned for those stories…….

For more information please visit: Follow the Club on their Facebook page

Special thanks to Craig for sharing the club information and KGees for his dedication.

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Posted: January 20, 2020

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