Ready? Three Questions we all need to ask ourselves before we splash our Rescue Water Craft!

1. Is your Rescue Water Craft Ready?

2. Is your Crew Personal Protective Equipment Ready?

3. Does your Crew have the proper training experience to fulfill the mission safely?



By asking ourselves these three questions we can determine if we are 'ready to go' or 'no go'.

Having a maritime asset such as a Rescue Water Craft requires your safety plan to be a determination of mission success.

Sit down now and plot our these three questions and get together with your team.

Discuss where your program is and if you can response adequately.

Are your personnel able to have appropriate tools and personal protection?

Do you know how long it takes to launch? Put those three together and do a dry run, time it!



Posted 1.16.2019

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Content Creator: Shawn Alladio cares most about her community and the culture surrounding the safety of event service providers and Rescue Water Craft operators, working hard and dedicated towards protecting their reputation, distributing safety information and continuing to train these amazing individuals to the highest standards of care.

Use at your own risk. Please take a qualified Rescue Water Craft training course and maintain proper records and respect all the PWC, RWC, PPE, and gear OEM manufacturer warning labels and cautions.