You've done a lot of difficult things in your Rescue Water Craft career. Have you gotten comfortable? Did you arrive at a level that you set as your baseline or have you driven to another level?

Wherever you last landed, its time to get traction going again. We must continue our education to avoid catastrophe in the field.

Remember, your training is not just about you, its your crew and the survivors, you are working for a lot of people who are depending upon your expertise and mental execution of critical decisions. This means you need to keep honing your skills.


We cannot control the weather or the water conditions. However we can control ourselves. When we know where our capabilities last rested, we can appreciate that we are capable of much more!

Do you have a perception or a conceptual idea of what you limit is? Trust me, there is more. Perhaps you are too comfortable and
you haven't taken time to stay updated. There is nothing worse than to close the book and forget what you learned.

Pull out your training notes and review them.
Watch your training videos and look for the useless points of action and signal the highlights of potential.


There is so much opportunity in your potential. Don't restrict progress by being comfortable. Remain unreasonable and open up the Owner's Manual or get the Rescue Water Craft splashed and go over your basic fundamentals.

You are not what you could be as a Coxswain. Make a commitment to attain a new ideal, a new level!

Don't fall backwards, get back in the race and put the pedal to the metal and get your knowledge base going again!
Posted: May 1, 2019

Content Creator of Rescue Water Craft and Personal Water Craft boating international education standards: Shawn Alladio is the world’s foremost authority and leading subject matter expert. She cares most about her community and the culture surrounding the safety of event service providers and Rescue Water Craft operators, working hard and dedicated towards protecting their reputation, distributing safety information and continuing to train these amazing individuals to the highest standards of care.


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