“A Moment for Safety Will Save a Lifetime of Regret” – Wake of Fame Inductee Brian Bendix

The only reason you are reading this is because you care.

1. If you are a passenger on a Personal Water Craft (PWC) you assume your own risk of safety. Prepare, study and take responsibility for your actions underway and prior to departure.

2. If you are an operator or owner of a Personal Water Craft (PWC) you assume your own risk and safety and those you bring on board. Prepare, study and take responsibility for your actions underway and prior to departure.

Boating is a lot of fun! The pursuit of this experience bears the responsibility of being safe so you can enjoy the outing and come home safe.

There is an amazing amount of content on the internet warning people, free information, free boating courses, free downloads for Owner’s Manuals, forums and groups you can join.

Paid or free you have every opportunity to empower your experience and that of others! Make sure you invest in your personal safety and that of all you have on board your PWC.

You cannot blame the boat, the weather, the water, or your friends. Your safety begins with you!


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