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Perception of Safety Reality

Safety means danger, and that means rules are in place to manage the human component to lend towards reduction of human errors.
These errors have a long list of potential mishaps looming if any pattern in the reasonable behaviors is ignored, and how often they are until a cumulative pattern emerges.

The common visual reference is ‘one link in a length of chain’, these links need to be dependent upon one another for strength, or not.

If one team member has a question and is unsure of the next stage, step, pattern or behavior, listen to them. They may become the safety link with their inquiry. Even if your ego is pricked; listen.

It’s time to slow things down for the team at the point of identifiable error and review the entire group and possibly equipment status to determine the validity of an appropriate and supporting answer if none were forthcoming.

This is a good position to review the mission and ethics of the team participants.

Selection is the determination of actions. Whatever we choose, we have to live with it, defend it and define it.

If we are teaching, we are responsible for the manner in which the information is shared and our role is to encourage the recipient to continue to work towards retention of the knowledge and its patterns.

Stubborn beliefs and strong opinions regarding the right and wrong way to do this and that, can be a big contrast from.

Each accident or near miss is a new opportunity to grow a stronger and safer program.
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Posted: December 4, 2021

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