Helmet Liners Help

Why a helmet liner? Because of colder temperatures, keeping hair out of your eyes or as a distraction or if you do not have a properly fitted helmet or your helmet is aging (is it time to retire it?).

What is a proper fitted helmet? Well, it’s simple. Water rescue helmets are made with a mold, one mold, heads are not. Skulls are all different types! Adjustments may be needed as its impossible to find a perfect fit for every skull type.

Plus it helps for bald folks or to manage scalp contact to the inner guts of a helmet.


1. Caucasoid-Long and Narrow
2. Mongoloid-Shorter and Broader
3. Negroid-Long Front to Back

We can cite the use of the terms brachyfacial, mesofacial and dolichofacial, which form part of a cranial index terminology used to describe facial types.(1) This is done often for orthodontic work.



Have you ever seen a custom molded helmet? Well sort of! The manufacturers focus on the interior structure of the helmet. The interior padding varies. Some models you can replace or add additional pads to take up the voids or to prevent the ‘bucket effect’.
For me my ear protection is a double edge sword. I need to hear (no ear covering), but I need to protect my ear canal (ear covering). So I choose to wear either a balaclava or a cap. Sometimes these are neoprene and sometimes lycra or cotton.

I like this one for the summer:

Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner, $13.00 USD

• Body: 92% Polyester/8% Spandex; Mesh: 100% Polyester
• When wet, cools instantly
• UPF 45 protection from the sun
• Chemical-free, wearable cooling in and out of the helmet; one size
• Wicks away sweat from the head
• Regulates evaporation to help cool
• Logo style and packaging may vary

Check them out:

Mission Helmet Liners

Science of Skulls

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