Expense is not a problem for a Rescue Water Craft program, its an asset against risk.

Effective training can prevent mishaps and reduce future problems. This only works if the department personnel responsible for the RWC program enforce the standards entrusted to them. If not, watch out, dodging bullets only last so long, eventually one is going to hit the target.

If you or your department can’t afford to maintain a marine boat unit, you may be heading into a whole lot of trouble real fast.

Don’t be seduced by photos or videos, look behind the curtain. How much does it cost to maintain a professional boating unit for one year’s service?

A pretty picture can be very costly.

Make sure you are evaluating and not creating a cult following. Look for the professional edge.

Evaluate so you can visualize and develop in your mindset what a professional program and action should look like.

If its too loud, it the water movement is too large, if the angles are to sharp if the body language is severe, instead raise a red flag and learn from the images. Glean the truth.

Don’t be seduced by your own nature, think of how you can defend all actions in a court of law.

Teach yourself how to be led to professionalism, don’t be a hack RWC operator.

We need a strong community. We are depending upon you to enforce the strength through professionalism.

-Shawn Alladio K38 Founder


Shawn cares most about her community and the culture surrounding the safety of event service providers and Rescue Water Craft operators, working hard and dedicated towards protecting their reputation, distributing safety information and continuing to train these amazing individuals to the highest standards of care.