We Don’t Give Medals for Mishaps

Accidents are not opportunities to draw praise, but an opportunity to correct and amend.

Mishaps are not for issuing medals and congratulations.

They are a great opportunity to make corrections from the current negligence and prevent death in the future of your team or those you are serving.

This is a serious reprimand for everyone who praises a mishap and encourages Coxswains or Crew to fail.

Why would you want your fellow sister or brother in the RWC world to fail, get hurt, or die?

Think about it.

Modify your own behavior and do not become corrupt. It’s easy to do when people are attracted to crashes.

Fear a mishap so you can learn to respect life itself and to support the mission and goals of boating safety.

Admit mistakes, make corrections before its too late.

Admit the problems, if you don’t know you have any, get your training assessed by an outside SME

1. Research solutions and corrections, find a mentor

2. Test the methods, observe the results

3. Determine the results of change from start to finish.

Do this now, not later.

Our maritime community is a collective internationally of those who practice safe boating and enforce it.

Otherwise, they are not part of the Maritime community.

Remember to fear an accident, you must respect it.

Boating Safety is Accident Prevention!