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The Everyday Heroes Project tells the stories of those who are on the front lines serving others in need during moments of peril or providing protection. Everyday Heroes are our lifesavers, rescuers, emergency service personnel and combat military veterans.

Genesis of EHP: Professional Photographer, Mr. Mike Bresnan began the Everyday Heroes Project in honor of his father, a former fireman. This is his tribute to his father and to those who put their lives at risk to save another.

The Everyday Heroes project chronicles the profiles of lifesavers, rescuers and protectors, each have made a contribution in the prevention of drowning, reduction of accidents and saved lives in all facets of disasters, accidents and emergencies. We are proud to honor these individuals.

The Everyday Heroes Project is a Living Legacy. We hope you enjoy reading about these amazing people and their contributions to others in need.

The Everyday Heroes Project will provide responders with a global outreach website that profiles their area of operation (AO) and specific rescue discipline. Members can join and participate in developing their online profile.

The Everyday Heroes Project is in pre-production of a volume of collected stories that will chronicle the personas and experiences for others to follow and learn from their examples to further develop lifesaving outreach worldwide.

Who are We?

• Mike Bresnan lead profile photographer's memorial tribute in honor of his father, thus the Everyday Heroes Project was born in 2012

• David Pu'u professional photographer for project development, team leader of Ocean Lover’s Collective http://www.DavidPuu.com

• Shawn Alladio of K38, creator and coordinator for the Everyday Heroes Project in conjunction with the K38 Wake of Fame awards and K38 alumni http://www.k38rescue.com

• Brian Largarticha, K38 adjunct instructor and Everyday Heroes project web developer/media outreach

This is a living legacy project. https://www.facebook.com/EverydayHeroesProject?fref=ts

EHP Directors: Shawn Alladio (Coordinator) Brian Largarticha (Website Development) Mike Bresnan (Photographer/docu) David Pu’u (Photographer/docu)

EHP SUPPORTING THE FOLLOWING ‘Charter Charities’: 1. www.DrowningTracker.com 2. www.ISLA.org 3. www.PhoenixPatriotFoudantion.org 4. www.TheStationFoundation.org 5. www.WakeOffame.com