Lunn Becomes K38 Adjunct Instructor

Announcing Our Newest Adjunct Instructor!


February 26, 2019
By K38 LLC

Orange County, CA – K38 today announces that Mr. Craig Lunn has joined with K38 and will be representing K38 in 2019 for a variety of training programs and event services.

“We are thrilled to have Mr. Lunn as part of our K38 team. Lunn has a fantastic pedigree in the maritime community and his dedication is sincere regarding protecting client reputation and safety. He is a direct reflection of the K38 Way of Training. He is a perfect fit for the mission and vision of K38 and we are honored to know him”, states K38 Founder Ms. Shawn Alladio.


Lunn has proven himself on many projects that K38 UK has supported. He is a true mariner, a military veteran and a focused Coxswain, steadfast in his duties and an outstanding human being.

K38 selection process is a secure and mindful program for instructor recruitment. Adjunct instructors go through a 1 year probationary period after they have successfully completed their foundational K38 qualification courses.

Mr. Lunn will come under direct guidance of Mr. Ben Granata who is the lead K38 UK director representing Rescue Water Craft Training and Services in Europe.

For more information please visit:
Ben Granata Email:
Craig Lunn Email:


Posted 2.26.2019

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