Vince McLeod

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Vincent Mcleod

Former Marine, Successful Business Sales and Marketing Executive , Script Writer, Instructor

Vince Mcleod is instrumental for inserting the Personal Watercraft platform into military use at the Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, California USA in 1996 for EWTGPAC.

In 1996, a USMC Force Recon Marine, Vincent McLeod was tasked to find a lifesaving solution. Vincent introduced Rescue Water Craft into the United States Military. He employed Shawn Alladio to provide a project outline and the program was tested, vetted and scrutinized for approval under his guidance. The US Military special waterborne divisions have been using RWC's for 17 years as of 2013.

Since Mr. McLeod paved the way, the RWC platform has become a vessel that his legacy proved it's value.

The RWC platform has enabled military instructors at the Naval Amphibious Base to better serve their training elements especially during surf passages at night to ensure the safety of their personnel. The USNavy, USArmy, USAF pararescuemen, USMC and SEALs Bud Phase Instructors use them as safety vessels utilizing rescue board towable devices attached to the stern deck of 3 seater capacity Rescue Water Craft using a 3 point attachment rigging system.