Phoenix Patriot Foundation

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Phoenix Patriot Foundation Mission

The mission of Phoenix Patriot Foundation is to provide direct support to severely wounded veterans enabling them to fully recover, reintegrate and remain engaged in serving America.

Phoenix Patriot Foundation Vision

Our vision is to aid these patriots, through individually-tailored programs, in their full recovery and their journey to independent and lifelong sustainability, thus enabling them to return to service within their communities and nation.

PPR Purpose

To create unique opportunities for severely wounded veterans, aiding in their full recovery and complete reintegration into their communities and nation.

To increase the public's awareness of and enlist their support for severely wounded veterans through unique experiences.

To aid our wounded veterans, through direct programs, in renewing passion and creating lifelong, independent sustainability enabling them to return to service in their communities and nation. Core Values






Service is our first core value and is one aspect that makes Phoenix Patriot Foundation unique as an organization. Service, to us, simply means finding passion in life during the recovery process. This is manifested through positive contributions to society. We will support this value of service by identifying the interests of these injured patriots, building skill sets, and lastly, facilitating their return into the work force as productive citizens.