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K38 teaches public and federal safety agencies such as lifeguards, military, fire rescue and law enforcement organization|law enforcement how to operate [personal water craft] (PWC), Jet Skis, Kawasaki Motors Corporation USA, Yamaha Waverunners, Honda Aquatrax (ceased production), PWC or RWC Rescue Water Craft. K38 USA teaches personal water craft rescue training in swiftwater rescue, big wave surfing, tow-in surfers, law enforcement, lifesaving, and Federal government of the United States federal agencies such as United States Navy, United States Marine Corps , United States Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmers, U.S. BORSTAR Border Patrol Units units and US Air Force Pararescue.

K38 was founded by Shawn Alladio.

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Shawn is an eleventh generation American, California native and fourth generation Santa Ana High School Graduate S.A.H.S. Class of 1979. Ms. Alladio began teaching in 1989 in Southern California. She purchased her first Kawasaki JETSKI Stand-up PWC in 1979 and became and International Jet Sports Boating Association IJSBAProfessional Racer in 1989. The K38 Way of Training has revolutionized lifesaving around the world with the training standards and applications of personal watercraft, with or without the use of a rescue board that is attached to the stern section of the boat to extricate patients or victims in water incidents. K38 Rescue has trained thousands of agencies worldwide. Shawn Alladio has received numerous Awards for her educational and lifesaving efforts.

K38 USA Water Safety's training programs are for lifesaving purposes using personal watercraft as the best method of insertion to help lifesavers save not only their lives, but others in the aquatic environment. The K38 training program evolved over 23 years since 1989. There are officially 7 International K38 affiliates.

Along with a cadre of professional boating safety instructors, K38 Rescue teaches PWC and Rescue Water Craft courses in swiftwater rescue, flood, open water,, surf,and lakes for recreational and occupational lifesavers. K38 USA Water Safety has been instrumental in setting the standards for these small boats for lifesaving and rescue use working closely with boating safety associations and government agencies.

Jon Lee Anderson, a writer for the New Yorker Magazine, rode along with Shawn Alladio on her Waverunner the week following the flooding in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He wrote a story called 'Leaving Desire - The Ninth Ward after the Hurricane' in 2005. Shawn Alladio and K38 USA worked in the lower ninth ward.


California Department of Boating and Waterways appointed Shawn Alladio to a task force from 1993 to 2010. Shawn Alladio is a PWC law enforcement P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standard of Training) boating safety instructor for the California Department of Boating and Waterways 2009-2010 under the guidance of Ms. Mary Thomas. who was the last program LE developer.

Since 1996, K38 USA had been administrating the International Jet Sports Boating Association World Finals for course marshal training and event safety management at Lake Havasu, Arizona, USA. Shawn Alladio was the IJSBA Water Safety Director, and an inaugural inductee in the IJSBA Hall of Fame, one of 25 members.

K38 USA and Shawn Alladio were awarded the 1998 National Water Safety Congress Regional Award from the WSC. and the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC).

K38 USA Shawn Alladio was featured in Readers Digest cover story by Peter Michelmore for 'Everyday Heroes' called 'Killer Wave', 2003. The feature photo was taken by renowned Time Life photographer Joe McNally.

In 2004, Paul Schulte created an action sports clothing line called Liquid Militia along with partners, Shawn Alladio, Kyla Dominguez and Ryan Smith . The tradmark motto is: Get Wet Or Go Home

The American Watercraft Association formed a partnership with K38 Rescue for occupational personal water craft users called the H20 Responders in 2007. K38 USA also supports the educational efforts with the American Watercraft Association(AWA), NASBLA and Personal Watercraft Industry Association.[1]. K38 Water Safety promotes the Kawasaki 'Law Loan Program' to public safety agencies who use Personal Water Craft within the United States. This program is a successful 20 year ongoing voluntary program with local participating Kawasaki dealerships nationwide in the United States.

In 2013, the Never Quit Challenge was held from September 6th in Key West Flordia to September 11th, in New York City. The NQC is an active duty, retried and combat or severely injured Veteran charity andventure land and water ride covering 1,600 miles. Veterans operate Kawasaki Ultra LX Jetskis during a series of hardships and arrived in NYC on the anniversary of the 9/11 attack against America. The operators landed in Battery Park Cities, North Cove and proceeded to the Union Club for a final presentation. The following day NQC participants and family were gifted a prior viewing of the 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero.

K38 International is officially recognized through authorized affiliates in 2017:


K38 Japan

K38 Italia

K38 UK

K38 Spain

K38 Portugal

Kanalu K38

K38 Australia

K38 Chile

K38 South America

K38 Poland

K38 Canary Islands

K38 Poland

K38 Certified Instructors

Shawn Alladio- K38 USA

Michael Spencer- K38 USA

Fabio Annigoni- K38 Italia

Ben Granata- K38 UK

Jochi Pardo- K38 Spain

Antonio Mestre- K38 Portugal

Licinio Matos- K38 Portugal

Rodrigo Costa- K38 Portugal

Hiroshi Yamaoka- K38 Japan

Hideyuki Umeda- K38 Japan

Pake AhMow- Kanalu K38

Tom Pohaku Stone- Kanalu K38

Kazuya Iwamori- K38 Japan

Kaoru Fujii- K38 Japan

Hiroaki Kishi- K38 Japan

Brian Largarticha- K38 USA

Nicolas Denard- K38 South America

Jakub Friedenberger- K38 Poland

Jakub Woźniak- K38 Poland

Jarek Jarosiewicz- K38 Poland

Michał Matejowski- K38 Poland

Gonzalo Andres Lazo Sepulveda- K38 Chile

Craig Zulian- K38 Australia


Rach Dixon- K38 Australia

Jayson Norris- K38 Australia

Richard Budd- K38 Australia

Drew Baham- K38 USA

Jeremiah Jacobs- K38 USA

Kyle Shaffer- K38 USA


Eric Graff On March 30, 2013 Eric supports a call out with Peoria Fire Department on the recovery of two PWC's during an incident using a Kawasaki Ultra LX Jetski

Don Curry

Ed Guzman

Eric Malone

Jeff Gunn

Cary Smith

Doug Knutzen

Vince McLeod


K38 awarded inaugural recipients on the prestigious PWC boating safety commendations on October 7 2011 in Lake Havasu, Arizona, the award recipients are all follows:

K38 Phoenix - Mr.Masayuki Imazaki for the rescues of over 200 Japanese citizens during the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami(東日本大震災, Higashi Nihon Daishinsai)

K38 Heavy Water Award to Doug Knutzen, Edourado Mendes and Will Greenfor the recovery of Dale Ostrander, Washington

K38 Legacy to Brad Southworth 'The Founding Father of PWC Rescue'.

K38 Everyday Heroes to Don Curry and Ed Guzman for a rescue of 2 persons in the surfzone in Morro Bay, CA., and Matthew Krizan and Russell Ord for the rescue of Jacob Trette at the big wave surf location Mavericks in Pillar Point, CA.

K38 Appreciation Awards to Mr. David Tew, Mr. Russell Libby, Mr. Aaron Cress and Mr. Brian Largarticha for their unselfish support of others.

[ K38 K38 International PWC Awards


The United States paved the way for using Personal Watercraft for rescues and patrols. In water rescue applications, they are referred to as 'Rescue Water Craft' (RWC). This began in the late 1970s through the efforts of Kawasaki Motors Corporation U.S.A. The origin of water rescue using PWC's is attributed to these founding fathers: Brad Southworth and Ronny Kling. Former Vietnam Veterans and racers whom were asked by Chuck Koontz to provide a rescue application using stand up Jet Skis for the United States Jet Ski Association. Which later became the International Jet Sports Boating Association. In 1985 Brad Southworth and Ronny began using the Fun Tech Wedge on stand ups, a plastic form that fit around the circumference of the craft making it a more stable rescue platform. From the [[Fun Tech Wedge], backboards, litters, modified paddle, body boards, and lines taken to victims were utilized as transport devices. In the late 1980's rescue board designs adapted to the changing hull designs when two to three-seater craft became available. This became common use for extrication of patients.

The first agencies to receive Jet Skis were Long Beach and Huntington Beach City Lifeguard departments in California. Brad Southworth and Steve Strickland were hired by Kawasaki on a 'Tropical Tan Tour' to go to lifeguard agencies on the East and West coasts for the purpose of using them on their beaches. Few agencies during this time applied the stands ups to actual rescue Safety applications, but the product was given exposure at local beaches to the public.

The pioneering agencies who have the longest standing tradition of PWC use are Kill Devil Hills Lifeguard Beach Service from North Carolina on the Outer Banks and Taft-Nelson-Delake (TND) Volunteer Fire Rescue Squad out of Lincoln City, Oregon, USA. Both began in the late 1970s and have the distinction of the origins of our PWC rescue heritage. TND incorporated into 'North Lincoln Fire and Rescue' and both agencies are still using Personal Water Craft in 2010 for operations, over 30 years.

In the late 1980s the feasibility of using Jet Skis for rescues began to take on interest from lifeguards and law enforcement. In 1989 Shawn Alladio began teaching under the name 'Watercraft Awareness Safety Program', after a 10 year development of training concepts and to preserve local riding areas in Southern California. Due to the rapid growth of PWC, her professional development was launched as the product sales increased. This program later became K38 Water Safety. In 1990, the Personal Watercraft Industry Association created the 'Wave Rangers' program to expose law enforcement to these boats in the United States, this lasted a few seasons.

Shawn Alladio and K38 Water Safety received the 2005 National Water Safety Congress and National Safe Boating Council Nation Awards for reducing/preventing drowning's across the United States.

National Water Safety Congress Award

(March 17, 2005) The National Water Safety Congress 'National Award' was awarded to Shawn Alladio, on March 16, 2005 in Newport Beach, California, at the International Boating Water Safety Summit to a standing ovation from Summit attendees, the National Water Safety Congress and the National Safe Boating Council bestows upon Shawn Alladio of K38 USA Water Safety the NATIONAL AWARD. In recognition of superior efforts, accomplishments and contributions to further and promote water safety on a national scare. In 1999, Shawn received the Regional Award for her efforts in education to reduce drownings and educational efforts for the personal watercraft boating community.

The IJSBA 2006 International Jet Sports Boating Association [Hall of fame] inaugural induction included Shawn Alladio as one of the original 25 recipients for her dedication to the sport.

In 2006, Shawn Alladio from K38 USA was awarded a Special Commendation for relief work in the aftermath of 2005 [Hurricane Katrina] in New Orleans from the Higgins and Langley Memorial Awards for flood and swiftwater rescue. K38 supported 8 California urban search and rescue and rescue teams with human evacuations recovering over 2,500 persons. K38 was noted for animal welfare|animal rescue efforts using Jet Skis.

In 2008 Shawn Alladio was invited onto the point-to-point personal water craft endurance racing|race team competing on long distance races called offshore powerboat racing under American Power Boat Association sanctioning. Shawn's first buoy race was in 1980, she has celebrated 30 years of PWC competition, focusing on Offshore and Endurance events, training racers and safety teams for these events. Shawn has competed in offshore PWC racing events ranging from 1,6000 miles to 60 miles since 1989. Such as the LB2CAT a long standing race event from Long Beach, California to Catalina Island, Avalon and back to Long Beach, and the Mark Hahn 300 a 300-mile memorial endurance race. Personal Water Craft racing incorporates many different disciplines, such as Closed Course, Obstacle, Sprints, Ovals, Offshore, Endurance, Raids, Slalom, Gran Prix, and Enduro.

In 2009, the City of Mission Viejo in California awarded Shawn Alladio a certificate of heroism for her actions on I-5 freeway.

Shawn received 1st and 2nd degree burns to her hands and stomach. Masahito Matasuura received 3rd degree burns, resulting in numerous surgeries. He recovered from the extent of his burns covering over 30% of his body. On February 4, 2010 The Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) honors Shawn with the 'Certificate of Heroism' at their 'Best and Bravest' Awards Ceremony. She is given the 'Chief's Award' for rescuing Masahito from a burning vehicle.

Muscat Asian Beach Games organizing committee recognizes Shawn Alladio ‘Chief of Water Safety-Jet Ski Racing’, December 8–16, 2010, the Sultanate Of Oman. ABG is a part of the (IOC) International Olympic Committee

In 2011, K38 USA Shawn Alladio partnered with the Phoenix Patriot Foundation to create the Purple Heart Patriots PWC Challenge. Military personnel who have received the Purple Heart in Afghanistan or Iraq operate Kawasaki Jet Ski watercraft in offshore and endurance race events. The PPF directly supports severely wounded veterans enabling them to fully recover, reintegrate and remain engaged in serving America.

2011 K38 USA Founder Shawn Alladio was inducted into the United States of America prestigious National Safe Boating Council 'Boating Safety Hall of Fame' at the 2012 International Boating and Water Safety Summit IBWSS in San Diego, CA, USA for exemplary leadership and outstanding service on behalf of boating safety.

2012 K38 USA Water Safety creates the Rescue Water Craft Association to endorse the standardization and best practices for occupational users worldwide.

2012 K38 USA Creates the prestigious PWC Award program- Wake of Fame Awards

2013 K38 USA Water Safety partners with project facilitator professional photographer Mike Bresnen and professional photographer David Pu'u on the Legacy Project titled: Everyday Heroes Project .

2013 K38 USA Becomes an official National Drowning Prevention Alliance Chapter.K38 NDPA Chapter

2013 K38 USA partners with Triton Nutrition to promote nutritional health to water safety specialists.

2013 Dubai - K38 USA Shawn Alladio appointed by the WPPA to a Boating Safety Committee for Power Boat Racing. "Safety continues to be top priority in the sport of powerboating and this weekend’s third heat of the 2013 UIM XCAT World Series has seen safety experts from across the world gathering in Dubai to pool ideas and make recommendations for the sport’s future.:

2013 Japan - K38 USA Shawn Alladio by permission of the Japanese government in conjunction with K38 Japan hosts a Tohoku Disaster Area Inspection in October. Touring the tsunami disaster area and interviewing survivors to further enhance the K38 Disaster Management Training program.

2016 RWCAJ Rescue Water Craft Association Japan is formally structured in Japan under the guidance of Mr. Jun Abe

2017 RWCA Rescue Water Craft Association is formally structured as a non-profit organization in the United States. Audrey Dalton is the Executive Director of the RWCA.


  • 1997 National Safe Boating Council - 'Partnership Award' Awards
  • 1998 United States Marine Corps 'Raiders Appreciation Award' from Raid Division, NAB Awards
  • 1999 National Water Safety Congress - 'National Award' Awards
  • 1999 Certificate of Appreciation awarded in recognition of Exemplary Commitment and Outstanding Support in the Personal Watercraft

Safety and Enforcement Section of the Department of Boating and Waterways Course Awards

  • 2005 National Water Safety Congress - 'Regional Award' Awards
  • 2005 Higgins and Langley Memorial Award for Flood and Swiftwater Rescue - 'Commendation Medal' Awards
  • 2006 International Jet Sports Boating Association - Inaugural 'Hall of Fame' Inductee
  • 2009 'PWC Community Award for Valor' Awards
  • 2009 'Warrior Award' from Awards
  • 2009 'Certificate of Heroism' Award- City of Mission Viejo Commendation Awards
  • 2009 Orange County Fire Authority Certificate of Heroism 'Chiefs Award' Awards
  • 2009 National Water Safety Congress Regional Award Awards
  • 2009 Certificate of Heroism, City of Mission Viejo, California, Frank Ury-Mayor Awards
  • 2009 American Watercraft Association and Parade of Nations - 'Safety Award' Awards
  • 2010 United Warrior Survivor Foundation-K38 With sincere gratitude and appreciation for supporting Special Operations Survivors through

United Warrior Survivor Foundation. September 11, 2010 Annual Survivors Conference, San Diego CA AwardsAwards

  • 2011 National Safe Boating Council induction into the Boating Safety Hall of Fame
  • 2013 Never Quit Challenge: SWCC-Event Appreciation Paddle & Appreciation Award, Union Club, NYC
  • 2014 Shawn Alladio K38 - 2014 K38 Team Weekend Invitation Paddle - From the Boys at 1st PHASE 'No duty is more urgent than that of

returning thanks." - James Allen

  • 2014 USMC Radio Reconnaissance 1st Expeditionary Unit Camp Pendleton, CA Appreciation Award
  • 2015 USMC (AVJB) Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch Appreciation Award
  • 2016 K38 Portugal ‘Aprender hoje, para salvar amanha’
  • 2016 A.N.S.L.A. Resgate-O solvamento comeca em terra Jr. Lifeguard Program
  • 2016 USMC MARSOC MRV Paddle for Project Jackal, military development package
  • 2016 Western States Boating Administrators Association 'Hollister Award - Shawn Alladio recipient


Shawn Alladio is the creator of the following disciplines for Personal Water Craft Competitions

1. Race Competitor Training

2. Event Management Certification

3. Course Marshal Certification

She is a subject matter expert (SME) regarding the best practices and safety methods for promotions, organization and safety procedures for a variety of disciplines.

Definition of Personal Water Craft (PWC) Racing: Events, Classes and Basic Descriptions


In 1998, K38 USA and Shawn Alladio rescued Brazilian big wave surfer, Carlos Burle two times during the International Surfing Associations Reef @ Todos Big Wave Team Challenge Contest.

"The crowd exploded at the sight of Taylor Knox $50,000 ride', the heroics of Carlos Burle, and the numerous wipeouts and heroic rescue by Shawn Alladio of K38 USA."

In 1999, Shawn Alladio of K38 was appointed the International Surfing Association (ISA) Water Safety Director representing 48 countries worldwide.

Shawn Alladio along with Jonathan Cahill survived a set of 100' waves at the famous big wave surfing sport called Mavericks on November 21, 2001. The story was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper. Powerline Productions featured Shawn Alladio in several documentaries on the famous big wave surfing break, such as '100' Wednesday', 'Whipped', "Considered by some to be the biggest day in big wave surfing history. They were featured in a Readers Digest 'Everyday Heroes' article based on eyewitness accounts.

Shawn Alladio and K38 USA had a feature story titled 'Heavy Water' in Surfing's Greatest Misadventures - Dropping in on the Unexpected, edited by Paul Diamond, 2006. This story was based on the rescue of professional surfer Ian Armstrong at a big wave surfing location called Dungeons Beach|Dungeons, during the Red Bull Big Wave Africa surfing contest waiting period.

Shark Park The Heaviest Wave in California, a film by Greg Huglin was an expedition to the island of San Miguel in the Channel Islands of California off of Southern California. The expedition features professional towsurfers who used PWC's to catch and ride large waves.


Shawn Alladio of K38 USA, managed the water safety or training new staff to work big wave venues for rescues and recovery work at the following global events:

  1. 1998 ISA/Reef Todos Santos Big Wave Challenge- Mexico ‘Killers’
  2. 1998-99 Quiksilver Men Who Ride Mountains -Mavericks, California, USA.
  3. 1999 ISA Big Wave World Championships-Todos Santos, Baja Mexico “Killers’
  4. 1999 Gotcha Pro-Teahupo'o, Tahiti. K38 Staff: Vetea 'Poto' David, Nelson Armitage, Doneven Polendy, Alfredo Vilas-Boas, Andrew Kaufman
  5. 2000 ISA Big Wave World Championships-Madeira, Portugal (Jardim do Mar)
  6. 2000 Gotcha Pro-Teahupo’o, Tahiti (Bodyboard and Women’s events provided coverage during waiting period with Vetea David)
  7. 2000 Red Bull Big Wave Africa-Cape Town, South Africa 'Dungeons'
  8. 2003 Red Bull Big Wave Africa-Cape Town, South Africa ‘Dungeons’
  9. 2004 Red Bull Big Wave Africa, Cape Town, South Africa ‘Dungeons’. K38 South Africa - Glenn Bee, Pierre du Plessis, Ross Lindsay, Greg Bertish, Grant Spooner
  10. 2006 Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic, Lincoln City, Oregon, USA. Kanalu K38 -Pake AhMow , Jonathan Cahill. "Nelscott Reef". John Forse Promoter
  11. 2007-2008 Towsurfing Adventures Water Safety for the Channel Islands Expeditions to Shark Park, California USA
  12. 2008 Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic, Lincoln City, Oregon, USA. "Nelscott Reef"
  13. 2009-2010 Mavericks Surf Contest-Half Moon Bay, California USA, Water Safety Director. K38 - Mavericks Water Patrol: Vince Broglio, Russell Smith, Ryan Augenstein, and Garrett McNamara. Staff: Jonathan Cahill, Kelly Rumore, Mr. and Mrs. Levinson, David Pu'u K38 Mavericks Water Patrol
  14. 2012 Cortes Banks Surf Expedition providing water safety coverage for Garrett McNamara and Keali'i Mamamla. K38 staff: Andrew Kroll, Nik Hawks, Brian Largarticha, Jonathan Hoover, Guri Sejzer.
  15. 2012-2013 Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic - paddle surf contest, water safety support, Lincoln City, Oregon. John Forse Promoter


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