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National Safe Boating Council

The NSBC’s mission is to be the foremost coalition to advance and promote a safer recreational boating experience through education, outreach and training. K38 instructors are NSBC vetted and qualified and we enjoy the efforts and outreach of the NSBC through the International Boating & Water Safety Summit.  
K38 Lead Instructors are NSBC qualified as a requirement to fulfill Lead instructor status for teaching K38 skillsets.  K38 recognizes the importance of standardization in conjunction with NASBLA and supports the training elements carefully entrusted to all NSBC instructors.
The best people by far have come out of the boating community and I’ve met every one of them through the NSBC.  If you are not an NSBC member it is simple to join, just visit their website and go to their membership link.



Thank you for your interest in K38!

We are a professional service provider

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