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K38 Mission Statement

K38 Mission Statement

To train elite operators, crew and coxswains, with accessory devices; including Night Qualification certification. To educate and mentor, promote youth boating programs, professionally develop competitor skills and to reduce injury and accidents for both recreational and occupational operators. 


Vision Statement

To provide the highest level of safety coverage at special events, to lead innovation, design and standardization worldwide in the use of Rescue Water Craft, Personal Water Craft, Power Water Craft or Marine Reconnaissance Vehicles



K38 was originally started in Southern California by founder Shawn Alladio in 1989. Shawn had been teaching and coaching professionals and recreational enthusiasts and also performing rescues while on the water. The original company name was Watercraft Awareness Safety Program, which was later changed to K38. Shawn is a world class Professional Water Craft competitor, a mother and dedicated professional.  K38 instructors are subject to strict and rigorous training requirements to uphold the K38 Way of Training in the maritime boating community.

In 1990, Yamaha Motors Corporation USA was interested in increasing positive community outreach along with partners at the Personal Watercraft Industry Association (PWIA).  Training was regional and at this time the Personal Water Craft product became popular with the recreational community.


In 1991, PWIA was interested in networking with the rescue and law enforcement agencies.  Kawasaki Motors Corporation and Yamaha Motors Corporation USA both supported K38 in the formation years of structured training.  K38 has been the benchmark for the formation of many programs. In 1994 the California Department of Boating and Waterways appointed Shawn to an advisory committee and to also head up in 1996 State training programs for swift water and surf training.

In 1993, K38 created Night Operations and subsequently began the standard for Night Qualification which became a benchmark of their military programs and SAR. In 2015 the State of California approved Night Operations for trained professionals in large due to our training and proving efforts and support for legislation from the Santa Clara Sheriff Department.

In 1994, Shawn became an IJSBA Course Marshal working on the National Tour and World Finals, then she became the IJSBA Water Safety Director until 2011.

In 1996 K38 created a military training for PWC's now termed Marine Reconnaissance Vehicles - MRV’s. K38 has designed and constructed a variety of custom built MRV’s and created the USCG STAN team training for their schoolhouse.

In 1998, Shawn was the first to become a National Safe Boating Council certified instructor. In 1998, K38 created the Big Wave Surfing safety certification program, state and national programs and trained thousands of students worldwide.  Shawn became the International Surfing Association Water Safety Director.

In 1998 Shawn was the first to organize a professional big wave safety team and successfully fulfilled the mission on behalf of the ISA Big Wave World Team Challenge.  From there she managed and trained teams worldwide for the next 18 years, and was one of the core supporters in the formation of the Mavericks Water Patrol. A volunteer group under the guidance of Jeff Clark and promoted by the Harbormaster of Pillar Point for the Quicksilver Men Who Ride Mountains Contest as one of the permit requirements. 

In 1999, K38 invited their first affiliate into the company, K38 Italia was born. K38 has been the standard ever since due to the unique partnerships and Shawn’s personal involvement with the sport as a First Generation Operator from the 1970’s.  K38 today has a cadre of qualified instructors and licensed international affiliates whom continue to work with local agencies, associations and governing bodies to enhance boating safety professionalism for these unique small power craft.


K38 has an exceptionally low accident rate due to the high safety standards that are endorsed through the training methods.  We have a reputation for our layered skillsets an assessment of students who are seeking qualification. We are known to assess our students and scrutinize their actions so that we support the highest level of qualified operators in the world.

K38 has been inducted into to two Hall of Fames: 1) the IJSBA Hall of Fame, 2) National Safe Boating Council - Boating Safety Hall of Fame.  K38 has received numerous prestigious awards for the reduction of drowning, injuries and accidents.  K38 is honored to continually provide training that is effective, professional and protective of agency reputation.


Shawn’s goal with K38 was to revolutionize boating safety.  K38 has fulfilled that vision in partnership with instructor and student cadre and the commitment to safety of companies such as Kawasaki Motors Corporation USA, Yamaha Motors Corporation USA and BRP. The Mission continues with training the highest caliber of qualified operations for real world situations in a variety of waterways and conditions. 


Thank you for your interest in K38!

We are a professional service provider

for Water Safety and Event Management

servicing public safety and federal agencies



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Contact:  Ms. Audrey Dalton

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Phone:  561-809-2957


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